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Sunday, September 20, 2015

BOMs Away - DOD Americana - Designing Scott's Row

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
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This is the week to work on the DOD Americana QAL. This month's pattern is a really cute Sunbonnet Sue a la Betsy Ross row. But when I saw this quilt, the large star that will be worked on in the future was rather Air Force-ish in appearance. My husband, Scott, is retiring from the Air Force next summer, so I've been making this quilt for him with intentions of adjusting some things. This row is the biggest change. I dropped the Sues entirely, and worked up sketches to make blocks highlighting his job at his PCS stations and "scenes" from the 4 major, long-term deployments (or solo remote) that he fulfilled. (Some of the elements on these sketches are not in the right place - even the military doesn't mount exam room sinks above head level. Ha!)

It only took me some 6 hours to draw those out. Man! Where is my artistic Marine Corps son-in-law when I need him?  ;D 

Some of you might remember that I used some fabric from Scott's old woodland BDUs for the background on the hearts and flags row. 

Now I'm using pieces from the appropriate BDU styles of the ages on the mini-Scott dudes for each scene. 

Woodland for Croatia and Korea; Desert for Oman (except, we can't find the old BDUs for that scheme!); and the current ugly digitized ABU for Afghanistan and Main-Scott - I harvested the one piece of it that Scott has given to me (it got a rip that made it unwearable for him now).

It's kind of fun to see the changes in uniform through these periods of his military career. The T-shirt and boot colors on the avatars also reflect the standard of each time period.

I found a used Desert shirt for a great price, so hopefully that'll arrive soon. Until then, Oman-Scott will have to go body-less.  ;D

~*~ Linking up at Cath's Design Board ~*~

I just got the sneak-peak photo from Chalica for yesterday's photo shoot that our family did. I wish it was one of the ones with Scott in it, too, but I sure do love this with all my daughters! Can't wait for the whole CD of the shoot.  


How about you? - Have you worked on any BOMs lately?


  1. What is it like to sew with that camo fabric? Great that you can use it. I have linked two BOMs this week....hope that is ok :)

  2. What is it like to sew with that camo fabric? Great that you can use it. I have linked two BOMs this week....hope that is ok :)

  3. lovely post Lynette and its always nice to get family pics done,hope you have a lovely day xx

  4. Scott's quilt is fantastic! Love the photo of you and your girls.

  5. That row is going to be amazing! I love your drawings and can't wait to see your finished row.

  6. I think your drawing skills are great. Going to be a fabulous row - so personal.
    Love the photo with your daughters.

  7. I love the blocks you are drawing for Scott's quilt. I know it will it will be more than appreciated.

  8. So loving your design Lynette. I was n Air Force Brat myself.....grin.

  9. You are beyond talented! I am simply in awe here!

  10. Gosh, what amazing plans you have made for this incredible quilt. I'm impressed by your drawing skills, and the thought you've put into making this reflect real life. It will truly be a keepsake... and probably someday end up in the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Nebraska!

  11. The quilt you are working on for Scott is amazing, a wonderful way to acknowledge his career. Love the photo of you with your daughters - very special!


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