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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Finish Along - Quarter 2 Goal Post

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
It's that time - if you're participating, don't forget to make a Second Quarter "goal" sheet. The 2015 quarterly Finish-Along is hosted by Adrianne over at "On the Windy Side."  

This quarter revolves around Devon and Kyle's Wedding. And this is still my favorite picture of them.  :)  He's at Marine's Basic Training right now, which is 13 grueling weeks long - the longest and hardest by far of all the services. We send him letters every day to help bolster him! Sometimes they're a bit whacky - like yesterday's from me was a transcription of that Facebook test to see what your job in the Harry Potter World would be. (I'm an Auror, btw!)

So here's my Second Quarter planning log for finishes:

Finish These:

1. Top Secret - Have phase 1 & 2 finished. That's all you get. 


2. "Forged: Sempre Fi!" Designed the pattern, half-way cut out right now

3-7. Sea Breeze minis - These flimsies need finishing  **UFOs**


and "The Nerdles"

Maybe even "Tootsie and Rumples" or  "The Doodles"

or even "The Clampetts"

8. "Evening Stroll" - have the fabrics washed, need to down-size the pattern and make it 

9. The Cinderella House quilt - in blocks right now

10. Lori & Aliyah - at the flimsy stage

11. Mermaid Fantasy for Heather, also at flimsy state   **UFO

Forward Lineup for Later Attention:

Whooo's Your Mama

Quiet Rebellion on the Pond   **UFO


BBQ with the Squadron   **UFO

Rainbow Jane


  1. Lyn, there is so much incredible goodness in this post. But i do know where to start my comment and that is to wish Kyle God's protection and much honor in the Marine Corps. And Devon & Kyle all the best in life!
    Your quilts are each so awesome - I have no idea how you keep all that straight, but you have a wonderful talent!

  2. I think I love your cheery sea motifs the best; love those colors, and the see is always so calming for me. The rainbow Jane is gorgeous. Good luck on the next quarter!


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