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Monday, April 27, 2015

BOMs Away - More Wedding Prep & Marissa's Prom Night

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately. 
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Oh, my goodness! I wouldn't change this family event for anything, but it will be nice when the wedding is squared away to get back to normal quilting rhythms and blogging! You are right, I am super busy with wedding preparations and the quilting I'm doing isn't sharable at this time

Scott's also working like crazy for the wedding around his work hours, too. His biggest task right now is the repair work on the deck. At $14,800 for the rebuild (the joists and several decking boards have rot in them), we can't get it done right now, but the deck engineer taught him how to fix things to bring us through the wedding and give us at least 2 more years of safe time until we can have it redone. [P.S. Never, ever paint your deck as the prior owners had done. You will automatically start the rot process, because the wood must be able to breathe and evaporate the moisture that always gets into the cracks underneath. ONLY use true strain - not stuff that really is a paint, but called a stain.]

And here's some super fun eye candy.  :D    Our youngest daughter went to her Junior prom!! I cannot believe that! And I can't get over how beautiful Marissa was.

A favorite spot with all of our daughters:

Poor Frank came straight off a swim meet for Prom!

And this just cracked me up to no end.  Tell a couple of young men that your back lawn needs aerating . . . 


But how about you guys? Did you get some work done on your BOMs?


  1. Busy days ahead for you, for sure. Marissa looks gorgeous. What a beautiful dress, and it looks great on her.

  2. Marissa looks so beautiful, you must be a proud mom. I love the way the boys are helping you with the yard work.

  3. Beautiful prom photos - the aerating idea is too funny!

  4. I think that lawn aerating method could catch on Lyn :)

  5. What a hoot! Literally! The boys that is! Your daughter looked lovely for her prom! My niece just attended her Jr prom this past weekend as well! Why do they grow up so fast?

  6. Those guys are kookalukes all right.
    Marissa is so lovely... seems she takes after you Lyn!

  7. What a beauty! She looks all grown up.
    Thanks for sharing.


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