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Thursday, October 31, 2013

October End-of-Month and NewFO Reports

Happy Halloween!

We've been having fun with party foods.  :D


Thanks to the folks who host these parties that greatly boost my motivation in my quest to finish up every UFO and NETY in my closets!


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 I hope you had a good month with your quilting goals. Mine was better than I thought it was.  These are the colors I worked with the past 31 days:

UFOs -
✓  Piñata Pizzazz - Became one of the coolest quilts I've made, and will surely be liked by the flood-relief family it goes to.


✓  Kelly's 1930s - I got the rest of the feather motifs quilted. I love hand quilting, but my fingers don't yet love doing it.

•     Sea Breeze - Nothing. Poor Koo Koo Puff sat on the table all month. Maybe next time. . .

WIPs/NewFOs -

✓  25th, Baby! - I barely managed to get up to 55 rings completed and assembled minus the main seams that have to wait. This project's never-endingness honestly made me cry one day. It's gorgeous, and I know I will LOVE it, and I'm still determined to have this completely finished in time to go on our bed by our anniversary next summer, but geez - I am not at all wired to keep working on one main priority project for months at a time. It grates on me and makes me want to vomit its colors. Tell you what, though! I ain't 'fraid of no stinkin' curves no mo'!

•     Rainbow Jane - Yes and No.  I developed some super cool quilting options for those solid triangles in my border, made the necessary stencils, and got 5 triangles marked. It would be really cool. For another Dear Jane!  Because it doesn't go with the overall feel of this one. The fun frothiness jarred on me as I would walk by. So all that marking has been squirted out, and I've got new ideas emerging from the fog that will better match this modern-colored, vibrant rainbow quilt. I'll save the aborted plans for the romantic-themed Jane that'll be made some day for another daughter to inherit eventually. . .

✓  NewFO - 


I love Barbara's NewFO parties each month, and they're really helping me get these kits pulled out of stone-cold status and on their way to becoming quilts before my youngest is out of high school.  ;D  Lots of other fun projects emerging, so take a fun  stroll through the other links!

I got the Jovial Spinning Trees kit out, washed, pressed, cut - and I went so far as to get all the trees made.

I even got the 3D pinwheel pieces all folded and pressed. 196 of them.
That part was B O R I N G ! ! !   Even though I did this task as a sort of leader/ender project at the ironing board when I was pressing seams for the wedding rings.

I do love the 3D aspect of this quilt pattern: 

(Going to make for some interesting fmq times!)

But, man! What a fabric waster. The way you cut the pieces to make the trees with ease gives you first this big pile of large cast-offs:  (note the size)

See how big those are? 72 of them. And then you also get these piles of 72 smaller cast-offs:

Definitely enough here to figure out something, eh?  :D   since I already have enough fun fabric for the back of Jovial, I'm going to get a second quilt out of this kit!

BOMs -

✓  Stayed on schedule with Kelly's and Hello Moon

✓  Ruffled Roses - Finished border 4 and 3 cornerstones since my fingers were too sore to do additional quilting on Kelly's quilt.

✓  Selvages - finished top, and it's now renamed "A Barbeque with the Squadron."

And a bonus BOM week when I was waiting for the next Hello Moon block - Beachwalk was assembled as well.  :)
So there it is - I got good clumps done off my directional lists, did a good job of sticking to my priorities and totally killed on Community Sewing for the month.  I'm feeling a bit rebellious, though, so I'm interested to see what happens in November. . . My goals will be listed on tomorrow's post.


  1. Look at all that work you've done. I'm impressed. Cute trees.

  2. Oh boy, those trees are so cute!

  3. You have wonderful projects. Love, love, love those trees! Your party foods are great looking too! ~Jeanne

  4. OH, WOW! you did really well this month.
    I just love your anniversary quilt. So pretty. And the blue and red quilt. I love the way you set the blocks.
    And beach walk. What a fun quilt.
    Congrats on all your accomplishments.

  5. Wow! That's a lot of productivity in those photos. All of your projects are gorgeous. Hope you November is as good.

  6. Holy moly, its so much work done when in this format! Nice. I love that veggie cat. What a great idea!

  7. Wow Lyn -- you are really on a roll - congratulations on some beautiful projects. Karen

  8. Once again - a big WOW for all that you have accomplished. I think you made the right decision about the quilting for the Dear Jane quilt - it will suit a more modern approach - luckily you had only done the marking! Nothing worse than finding out after you have started quilting.

  9. Wow! You had one busy month!! Puts me to shame! All are beautiful projects. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite! I know how you feel about making those big ones and maintaining enthusiasm. I have to pace myself with them - set a daily limit of blocks to complete. That way I can move on to other things throughout the day.

  10. Wow! You are a prolific quilter for sure. I love those little log cabin and star blocks, your ruffled roses are beautiful, and your wedding ring is gorgeous. The quilt that has taken my fancy, though, is "A Barbeque with the Squadron." It's simply wonderful! And the hand quilting.... Yeh, it takes my fingers a while to get toughened up before I can quilt for longer than a few minutes. What makes is awful is not having something to quilt immediately after finishing a quilt, and then I lose the callouses and have to start all over again.

  11. You are one busy lady! Love the little trees. Can't wait to see the rest of the quilt. I hate wasting fabric too but those cast-offs will turn into someting cute, I bet!


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