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Sunday, January 27, 2013

BOMs Away - Jan 28 - Sea Breeze all fused

Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!

We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of this post.

Well, my Old Man ate so slowly this week that I was able to get both of the remaining blocks constructed for Sea Breeze. 

 Koo Koo Puff:

And The Snooty Sisters: 

This is a different McKenna Ryan project than the one you saw last week. And there's going to be so much fabric left over, whatever way I decide to finish this set, that I'm having a grand time mulling over a new project to use them for.

Koko is our oldest cat at 15 years, and the past year he has trouble keeping weight on. So I have to feed him an enticing mash of kibble and elders' canned food at least 4 times a day. 

Clara has the opposite problem. She was far too fat for too long (as in the kidlet across the street said "Wow! Your cat is ROUND!" - and she thinks she's always starving, so she tries to steal Koko's food. She watches him minutely and longingly, and the second he bobs the tip of his tail the certain way he does when he's taking his last bite, she tries to scurry in on his plate. 

Which all means I have to babysit each time I put the food down so that Koko eats his fill. It's such a bother to run opposite diet styles for companion cats! If Clara's good and waits behind him, I put a wee bit of his leftovers in her bowl for a treat.  Which gets promptly vacuumed up at warp speed while he occupies her waiting station for a good face wash.

Working with fusible projects is perfect for those times. I just hang out at the high end of the bar near them and trace patterns or place pieces on fabric or cut them out. 

And sometimes I glance behind me when I notice she's finished, and get the sweetest "Thank you!" face.  :)    She's looking good these days, don't you think?


 What have you guys done on BOMs or interval projects lately? Weeklies are welcome along with regular projects that you’ve broken into monthly units, and –of course- true BOMs.   Share your eye candy and show off your progress since the last time you linked up! There are some wonderful monthly and weekly projects going on out there.  


  1. Cute pics! Tucker is the only cat we've had that just eats and eats and eats... we used to leave dry food out for grazing but we've had to go to 2x a day. Of course they always want the other kitties food!

  2. Those blocks are gorgeous!
    I love those pictures of your sweet cats! :)

  3. very pretty blocks. I had a siamese many years ago.
    I haven't finished my row from a row along yet but can that be linked up to your post?

  4. You seahorses are gorgeous. I keep tell myself I am not starting anything big this year till I finish at least 10 of the quilts in the sewing room...oh only to dream about seahorses. XX Kathleen

    1. Hey there :) You're a no-reply commenter, so the email I was going to answer by won't get to you. I was going to say:

      lol!! I am exercising remarkable restraint right now as I see folks link up the coolest BOMs the past couple of weeks. ;)

      P.S. You get the prize for the more unique linking I have seen yet on BOMs Away in its almost-two-years of existence!

  5. Love your blocks! You are so speedy. I haven't had much time to quilt lately. Sighhh.

  6. Angie again - I added the wrong link - but it's still a project. The second one is my BOM. I have one more block to finish and then I'll be done with the twelve.

  7. I love McKenna Ryan quilts too...the quilting part isn't my favorite though. Enjoyed meeting your cats.

  8. Your BOMs are so pretty, the colors feel so ethereal and perfect for the subject. I sympathize with the kitty-feeding dilemma. We have four dogs and all of them have different food quirks. There's the fat one who steals everyone else's food, the puppy who absolutely must eat out of the first bowl set down, the weird little dog who won't eat out of a bowl or plate at all and must have her food directly on the floor (where you must stand and watch her eat otherwise she feels lonely and wanders off and the aforementioned fat one sneaks in). But we love them all to pieces, so there it is!

  9. So pretty! Oh, and I like your quilt too!

  10. Hey Lyn, thanks for letting me know I could link up my row along. Done!
    You can now go to my blog and link up any UFOs that you finished from when you first linked up at the beginning of the month.

  11. I just realized I didn't link my post up to yours. Sorry! it is done now.

  12. Love your cats! I was a non-cat person, who found myself adopting a feral cat. He makes me laugh, has decided he much prefers indoor living and has become very round as well. I am always saying "What a hoot" at his antics. Probably why I like your blog. (I think I might be a cat person after all - who knew? Cats and quilts, what is the world coming to?)


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