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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013's First WIPs - Taking Aim at those UFOs

First of all, I wish everybody a wonderful New Year from our family to yours!  
May 2013 be kind to you.

The Caulkins Family - Thanksgiving 2012, newly at home in Colorado
Yes, we are Big Bang Theory fans.  ;D

2012 was extremely busy for us, with a major move, masters work for me, and changes in the family constellation. Still managed to finish a decent line-up of quilts. Which makes me smile. :)

In 2011 I had organized my UFOs and got myself launched on a productive cycle of finishes. With the 2012 move, I itemized every single untouched kit that had found hidey-holes in our old home. That list makes my eyes pop every time I see it, but it's going to be a fun adventure working through everything. And I will finish each and every one. Just give me a little time.  ;D  If you're morbidly curious, it's all on my Horizons tab.

So I'll be continuing to host BOMs Away and participate in the WIP, UFO, and Finish link-ups that keep my motivation rolling even when the mojo is running low. I got the final row cut and fused for that bugaboo seasonal quilt I worked on after Christmas, so it's all lovingly packed up to be blanket-stitched next holiday time.  

Today it's back to business with a fresh air, and I'm joining in on Carrie's 2013 program with the cutest button:

 and Shanna and Melissa's Lovely Year of Finishes:

and Lynne's Year of the Finished Project:

Never Too Hot To Stitch!

This month's front-row lineup of UFOs that I'll be working on:

Marissa's Moment - needs the final bunch of FMQ, binding, and the label. This one has had several stall points - design, diagonal attachment, quilting. Quilting it was the biggest stall as I did not have the skills yet for the FMQ I wanted to do. Then, of course, the complicated double move cross-country sidelined this project for many months.

Heather's Geometric actually Heather's first quilt. I taught her how to attach the binding yesterday and now we just need to stitch it down. Perfect excuse for movie time together before she goes back to school on the 12th! This one stalls frequently as she's at college and it only gets worked on when she's home. Lost the whole summer as it was in storage during the moves. 

Hawaiian Etude still hand quilting. Two reasons this is more a UFO than a WIP: 1) All those 3/8" rows take TIME!  lol   2) Since this lives at my hand-stitching station, it gets bumped any time there's a binding to stitch down or Dear Jane hand work needs doing.

Let's see if I can get two of these completely knocked off this month.  :D

None of these is appropriate for a gift quilt I need for a cool young man who loves our family. So I'll be rustling up whatever help I can get from kids still here on break for a few days to see if we can piece together a houndstooth top from the stash by week's end.


  1. so glad to see you are working on some UFOs this month. And they are all so lovely.
    I see you are hand quilting too. Good luck on getting your goals accomplished. I know you will do it.

  2. Why didn't I move to Florida before you moved away!? We have so much in common! We love "Big Bang Theory" and don't miss a weeknight of reruns. And your On the Horizon list? Well, before moving from Iowa, I too created a long list of UFOs... after giving away, to good homes, about a half dozen of them. I haven't jumped on board Carrie's UFO challenge because I'm afraid I'll fail. But I do like your menu tab that declares your UFOs. So much so that I will copy the idea, if you don't mind. I enjoy seeing all you're working on, and especially like the picture of you and your family. You look like someone who could easily be a very good friend.

  3. Your UFO's are gorgeous!! Put my little projects to shame. I just love the Hawaiian Etude! Neat blog. I look forward to perusing your archived posts. What are you taking your Masters in? ~karen

  4. Marissa's moments is such a lovely quilt - it will be well worth the wait to see it finally finished. I could so feel your frustration at the holiday/snowman quilt kit not being complete or per the picture - but isn't it great. So glad you could solve the problems from your own stash!

  5. Very beautiful, I'm particularly in love with Marissa's moment and Hawaiian etude ! Happy New Year.

  6. Oh my, your Hawaii quilt is just stunning . . . all of the hand quilting . . . wow!

  7. Oh, my! What a moment of truth to have to move the stash and actually come face-to-face with all the fabric and kits and Planned Quilts. You are a braver woman than I am. But it does inspire me to think about what I have in the stash closet, before picking up some more fabric, or hitting the button online to purchase more (but it's so lovely to get new fabric!). I love your quilts--they show such workmanship and attention to detail. Congratulations on getting them to this stage and best wishes for continued finishes throughout 2013.

    Elizabeth E.

  8. beautiful and what a lovely quilt Heather made... is that your daughter? It is my first time here. I am stopping by from the WIP hop, I would love to have you come by and see what I have been up to :) http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/01/wip-wednesday.html

  9. You have a cute family and I love your 2012 montage. Happy quilting in 2013, Lyn.
    Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts :)

  10. What a wonderful post, Lyn! It seems everyone in bogland is determined to complete a few of our UFOs this year - including me. Hmmmmm, we'll see :-). I love Marissa's Moment, just my colours, I wish you and your beautiful family a blessed, happy and healthy year in 2013. Lovely to see you settled so well in your new home. This year it will be my turn for the big move (and a big clear-out).

  11. I also love Big Bang. Welcome to the challenge. I'll be checking in from time to time to see how you're doing and I hope you check on me, too.

  12. Good luck with all your UFOs! The Hawaiian quilt looks fantastic.

  13. Sounds like 2012 was a big year for you. Here's hoping 2013 is more settled.

    Welcome to the Year of the Finished Project -- good to have you join the party. You have great variety in those three UFOs/WiPs, both in style and in what you need to do to get them finished. Good luck.

  14. All beautiful projects! I hope to see all of them finished - after all, the middle one is not really YOUR ufo, so you don't have to feel guilty on that one. =) Hope you love Colorado!


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