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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BOM's Away Monday - 26 Mar 2012 - So crazy, Can't even keep my days straight. . .


Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
(We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.)

Oh, wow! I cannot believe that an entire Monday (and the Sunday before it!) passed by without me realizing I hadn't done BOMs Away until seeing emails from cool bloggers making sure I'm OK.

I'm just crazy busy - 

Got the outside back into shape - weeds are gone (well, from the landscaping - lawn still has issues), driveway and bricks are pressure-washed:

Check out the difference!

Annuals are in the ground. . .

Koko making sure I don't forget the coleus

Picked up two daughters for their spring breaks, helping me do things like: Resurrect the monster truck that's been parked for 5 years - ready to pay for the transmission repairs and new tires so it can help in the move and be used in the MOUNTAINS!  :D

Couldn't have a more gorgeous truck-washing day!

Pack most of the house and get it into storage so we can go up on the market:

This box is Selma's

And somehow still get coursework finished on time:

Test on U.S. war-making innovations from the Normandy
landing thru the Battle of the Bulge.

The only quilt work that has been done since last BOM's Away is to locate the next set that I will finish assembling:

Dragonfly Party

Here's to being able to share *some* type of progress on that next time!

But first, we're going over this bridge

One mile from our house!

To go to this beach today!!

We will miss Destin!! 


What have you guys done on BOMs or interval projects lately? Weeklies are welcome along with regular projects that you’ve broken into monthly units, and –of course- true BOMs.   Share your eye candy and show off your progress since the last time you linked up! There are some wonderful monthly and weekly projects going on out there. :D


  1. Gosh, you have been busy! Sounds like you have an even more hectic time coming up!

  2. You managed to do all that AND find some quilt blocks? I'd say that's pretty good!

  3. Getting a house up and running in shape for moving can be a real hassle and a lot of work. Where are you guys moving to? Ps- The beach looks gorgeous.

  4. Your garden looks great, Lyn. It's still raining here. I probably won't be doing much gardening for another month or so. When I see everyone's flowers and gardens on line, it makes me wish we lived in a warmer climate.

  5. Glad all is well and you are enjoying some quality family time! Enjoy the moments while you have them.

  6. Geeze you are busy! That beach looks awfully nice and lucky you to have time with the daughters--enjoy enjoy! :) That's quite the bridge--looks amazing.

  7. I think I missed something - where are you moving to? Scroll half way down my post to see the start of my work on the BOM.


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