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Friday, September 9, 2011

Vote for my "Hugs and Kisses from Above" baby quilt :D

Oh! I almost forgot!

Remember this baby quilt that I made for my deceased cousin's first grand baby?

Hugs and Kisses from Above

I entered it in the weekly contest over at The Quilting Gallery.
  • My cousin Kelly was more like a sister and she and I had become best-quilting-buds, doing exchanges with each other through the mail and "hanging" out with each other online daily. She passed away two springs ago and will miss the birth of her first grandbaby, which she had anticipated with great longing. Here is a section of the quilt's basic story, taken from it's blog entry a while ago:  this design emerged - some charms patched together at the bottom to represent solid Earth and some green strips swooshing down from above, with X's and O's dropping down the field of the quilt. The quilting extends the idea - vertical waves in the mint swathes, straight verticals in the white to differentiate - with some hearts thrown in for good measure. It's supposed to sort of call up the idea of hugs and kisses raining down on one of those really cool sunshiny rainy days. You know - the kind of sunny sprinkle that prompts folks to say "A widow's getting married!"  

It would be so very cool if you would go and vote for it at this link.  :D

Voting goes until midnight on Sunday the 11th.

Thanks  :D


  1. Who couldn't vote for that!? it's precious! Nice work!

  2. I voted for you. This quilt is wonderful. Just a note. The link by your name on Michelles vote page to bring us to your blog isn't working.

  3. Your quilt is the winner in my opinion!

  4. You received my vote!! Your quilt is beautiful both in design and in the stitching.

  5. As a secondary pattern, your X's and O's form artsy fish swimming thru pale seaweed. Anyway, that's what I saw first when the blogger dashboard showed a small tile of the quilt top. Now that I see a larger photo, I just love the hugs and kisses falling from the sky. Your quilting is adorable too.

  6. Hi lynn you sure have my vote
    I love that baby quilt at the first moment I saw it

  7. That quilt is adorable! You've got my vote.

  8. Wow. Hugs and Kisses from Above. If that doesn't just grab you where you live! I voted. :) Hugs!

  9. This is adorable, design & fabric colors, nice work Lynn.

  10. This is adorable. And what a wonderful gift for your late cousin's first grandchild.

  11. That is so precious, and a wonderful gift of love.

  12. Love the quilt! I voted for you! Good luck! :)


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