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Sunday, July 31, 2011

BOMs AWAY Monday 12 - Patriots, Beachwalk, Sea Breeze


Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
(We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.)

Woohoo!!  TWO months in a row of all BOMs up to date.  :D   

(I'd bettter enjoy it as August will undoubtedly be blown to smithereens - 3 girls to drive to far-away schools - the nearest being 8 hours away - in three different direction at three different times is going to wreak havoc!)

First this week I got the newest Patriots in Petticoats blocks done. These two tales bring us almost to the end of the story group!    

July Gal #1 was Phillis Wheatley. Phillis was kidnapped in Africa, but had it in her to become the first noteworthy African poet in America, and even saw her writings published in 1774. In 1775 she wrote in praise of George Washington.

July Gal #2 was Betty Zane, who got caught in Ft. Henry when it was besieged and running critically low on ammo. She knew where her father had hidden some outside the fort and snuck through the enemy and back again to carry ammo and powder into the fort. Yes, she is the one her descendant, Zane Grey, wrote about.

After Patriots, I worked on Sea Breeze:

And then I did this month's Beachwalk. Holy smokes!  This one had more pieces to trace, place, and carefully cut than any other section I've done. 165.

It's been a rainy, rainy week, so the pictures aren't the greatest quality this time around. 


What interval project have you got going? Weeklies are welcome along with regular projects that you’ve broken into monthly units, and –of course- true BOMs.   Share your eye candy and show off your progress since the last time you linked up! There are some wonderful monthly and weekly projects going on out there. You guys amaze me. :D


  1. It's so interesting to read the snippets of peoples history with those beautiful blocks. All those little pieces in seabreeze were worth the effort. I love the watercolour colours. 8 hours in different directions!! Wow!! Drink lots of coffee!!

  2. Your Beachwalk block is gorgeous!!! It looks like a painting :)

  3. All of those blocks are gorgeous!

  4. Those are some amazing projects!

  5. Thank you for inviting me. There are some very pretty BOM's here!!

  6. hoping you're feeling better of that headache.I love your beachwalk. I really like the BOM calender that we're doing even ndo is very simple and easy to do. I just grabed your bom away button on my blog

  7. You have such an interesting variety of BOMs! I love the history that goes along with the Patriots in Petticoats. I've never done a BOM (yet!) Great work!


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