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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Made It!

Whew! ::wiping forehead::

Over at
Valor Quilt Bee, BamaBee issued a Lent challenge to make four different blocks during Lent.

(Sure would love it if you'd stop by the Bee - see that cool picture-link over there on the right, where Tom is getting a Quilt of Valor? Perhaps you might even be able to mention it on your blog?)

I don't do Lent - it's not part of my religion - but I respect what folks around me do for it, and Michelle's challenge was a worthy one. Little did I know how very challenging it would be! I mean, I regularly do quilt work, so how hard could it be to make 4 blocks instead of 1 in 6 weeks' time?

Well, Life exploded for our family, and I do have my master's coursework, so finding the time for even just three extra blocks really has been a bear. 

This first one is a 12-incher. The design would be a lot more apparent if one of my fabrics had been less busy, but we'll find a place for it in a grouping that has more subtle, water-colory, gardenish blocks.

There weren't enough blocks in the collection yet to put together a top, so to take the place of March's Fourth Week, I whipped up these 6" cuties using a fun rooster fabric and a light blue houndstooth print.

Love those roosters with their little hearts.  :
That left me still short two "different" blocks. All my sewing time the past two weeks has been hijacked to finish Dad's quilt to send out and to do my long-ago scheduled long-arm lesson.

I really considered asking to be excused from the challenge - almost all my other BOMs got shelved for April - but I set the books down this morning and whipped these two beauties up.  :)  Feels good!


  1. Love all these blocks! Especially the first one. You've been busy!

  2. When you say "whipped" them up, I can't believe it didn't take quite a bit of time. Particularly the block with the nine patches in the corner. Well done. I also like the first one.


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