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Friday, March 10, 2017

It worked! (Photo to Quilting Template)

Today I am whooping it up about something that is only a tiny step forward in my next priority finish, but took me many hours over several days to accomplish.

This is the first final-form quilting template (on golden threads paper) of a set of 9 cameos for a personalized commission quilt featuring Lori's beloved German Shepard, Aliya.

I am not an artist! Any drawing task is excruciatingly slow and involves a large amount of eraser. I should invest in a company. . .  ;D  (I'm also thinking the Black Pearl that Barbara shared about might be better for this waxy paper than the white pencil erasers I have.)

I made these by using this tutorial to edit digital photos at the free online app, PIXLR, so that they were as close to coloring book images as possible. Sized them up, printed them out, and traced in the lines I thought I'd like with a fine-tip Sharpie. Then I keep the photo file open in front of me and tape a sheet of the Golden Threads on top so I can trace the lines I really want. Pencil is an absolute must, because I have to erase lots and LOTS. It's tricky to capture a good likeness and the gist of her markings in a way that plays nice with stitchability and with the compression/loft effect of batting. 

So I'm super happy that this finished template succeeded and really whooping it up that the customer's reaction upon seeing it was, "OMG I'm so excited!"  :D

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  1. Nice! I'm gonna have to try this one a kitty. Yes, the black pearl would be great.

  2. Good for you to try something new! I'm not sure what you're doing but apparently YOU do. 8-))) Nice to find your blog! Elaine Adair

  3. Wow! I can't wait to see how this turns out. I love working with photos to create patterns, but I've never tried anything like this!

  4. Wow! Great ideas for this! I have some animals I would love to picture in quilts and get stuck at this point. Thanks for sharing what you have found. It will be fun to see how Aliya looks in fabric :-)

  5. I love this, the shading of animals has always been the difficult part for me. I'm so interested in your process and I'm glad you're back :)

  6. Well, I quilt a whole lot better than I draw, my drawn feathers leave much to be desired but I can quilt lovely feathers in my sleep-go figure!
    I like the T BOM, pretty fabrics!

  7. Lynette, I'm so late in visiting I hope you'll forgive me. What a cool trick! The results are stunning and I'm sure your client is going to simply adore her quilt. I bet it took a long while to get a quiltable image of her dog but you did it and how! I'll have to go check out that tutorial. Thank you again for linking up. I'll have the new post up later today (I'm so far behind...sigh) where I'll announce my winner. I hope you can come back and link up again!


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