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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BOMs Away - Late Edition

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
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I'm sorry I completely forgot about posting for BOMs Away the other night. It was a strange week for our family. Thursday morning, I was pin-basting "Plums in November" between 20-minute-spaced stirrings of my simmering oat groats. The timer rang, I planted my hand on the floor to get up (a cumbersome process with a half-healed hip flexor), and the next thing I knew, my brain was saying, "Whaat the hell?" while coming to with a nasty-painful jaw/neck/head, and a hand coming away from my neck with fresh and half-congealed blood on it. It's all been assigned to not having eaten yet, being dehydrated, and fainting. In the fall, I landed squarely on the wings of a fairy lamp in the window sill, which effected a strong upper cut to the jaw accompanied with a good stabbing there. I had to spend the entire day at the ER while they made sure I hadn't had a heart attack to cause the fainting (because I had zero memory of any light-headedness), and to do stitches on the gaping wound. 

Isn't is lucky that I wasn't working on a white-based quilt? Non of the blood stains is findable on this.  :)   And it amuses me that the broken fairy wings that knocked me out are color-coordinated.

Always the competitive one, my sister over in Idaho had almost the same experience on Sunday morning!!  She fainted in the shower, fell, and knocked herself out with a blow to the back of the head on the counter. So she got to spend the entire day at the ER checking for heart attack and brain bleeding with the concussion she got. No stitches, though.  :)

It was so bizarre that this happened to both of us in a couple days' span. Neither one of us has been in the ER more than one other time, years and years and years ago. We don't have any similar health issues or blood work clues. Just weird~!


So anyway, I didn't feel like working on Wind in the Whiskers with all that going on. Did you guys work on your BOMs?  


  1. Whoa! Glad you (and your competitive sister) are okay!

  2. Oh Lynette, I have been so worried about you and rightly so by the sounds of it!! What a thing to happen and could of been much worse....fainting and banging your head is not good to do! I just love the quilt...really stunning!

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall and so glad your okay. I have fainted a few times in my life but was very fortunate to not hit my head on anything but a carpeted floor!

  4. What a Hoot! Amazing that both of you came out of these coincidental experiences without something really serious going on. You are both blessed.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh My Stars! I've fainted a lot in my lifetime, but I usually have a warning. Your sugar might have been low. You know how we quilters can get lost in our sewing easily. Drink your OJ before you start quilting to avoid any next times. Hope you are better soonest, Lyn.

  6. lynette, I am sorry to hear about your fall as well as your sisters's fall. That is a crazy coincidence.

    I love love love your braid quilt! I am so happy to hear that you did not get blood on it. As you likely already know, I finished a braid quilt recently for my niece, but yours is to DIE FOR in those colors! Are they Batiks?


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