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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jan Wrap-Up & Feb Goal Post

January Accomplishments:

Complete Finishes:

"A Laurel Burch Christmas"

Flimsy Finishes:

Grand Illusion turned into "Starry-Eyed Over Grand Illusion"

"Ruffled Roses" !!!  (this has been a super-long-term project on my BOM rotation)

"Fancy Me a Rainbow"

NETY pull-out:
(This is how I begin to incorporate Never Even Touched Yet items on my monster list of long-ago purchases into my work cycles)

Tulip Garden 

This kit uses the most luscious flannel fabric from Maywood Studio! It's all washed, ironed, and kitted. Like most of my monthly NETY pulls, who knows when this will actually get a sewing spot on the priority list, but it's ready to go when it does! One step better than sitting idle in a closet since 2009. . . 

The pattern with it is by Mary Ann Spada, and it's available as a free .pdf at KMK Fabrics. I did cut the flying geese out differently from this pattern, as I'll use the 4-in-1 method rather than the ear-flip method. Faster, and saves fabric.

February Attention:

(And please note: I work best with open-ended guiding matrices that direct my work in a variety of projects as I move things forward, with something marked as the priority work. Lists with items meant to be checked off as finished in a finite period of time stifle me. So don't look at this as something intended to have everything absolutely completed in a month. That would be amazingly stressful!)

FINISHED! Quilting for the finish: "Jovial Trees" -  This is my chosen project for ALYF. I have 6 trees left to put cathedral edges on, FMQ work on the borders (just following lines, I think), and then the background wants a mindless all-over treatment, which will be great for non-intense quilting work. And, of course, the binding.  :)

 And if it's a red hot month of quilting time (and I have enough pins available to baste it), I'll move to "Fireflies in the Meadow" for breaks from the intensity of the current priority project, which is: 

Intense Quilting: "Lori & Aliyah" - Time to start the heirloom work on this gem! It is expected to last into April, as I want to only work on it with a fresh mind and relaxed muscles. This is my first commission quilt, which was pieced several months ago and put on hold at Lori's request. I'm so excited to start working it up now. First step is to finalize the cameo choices and stencils with Lori, then put in the markings. I then want to finish at least this much: baste it with the requested Minky backing and get all the stabilizing ditch work put in, with the frames of the cameos created.

UFO work:
DO THE STITCHWORK FOR SEA BREEZE 1 ALREADY!! Just get over yourself and attack that first mini in the set. It's not even your favorite, for crying out loud, so it doesn't matter if it comes out amateurish!~!

Community Service:
Make the hourglass blocks for a wheelchair quilt.

Piecing: T.S. All I can say.  And spend a day with Scott and the servicing book taking "Little Miss" apart for a complete cleaning overhaul.

Evening Handwork Station: Continue pushing block 1 of "Fiesta Mexico" along, taking breaks from it for binding work on Jovial. Also, I really need to make labels for "25th, Baby!," "Kelly's Joseph Smith 2," "A Laurel Burch Christmas," "Patriots in Petticoats," and guide label making for Heather's dragon quilt and Marissa's community service quilt.

Carry on the once-weekly attention to the projects on the Roll. Continue the sashing quilting for Kelly's; begin working on "Star Crazy"; button-hole stitch the interior blocks for "Garden Friends"; Continue fusing work for block 1 of "Wind in the Whiskers"

NETY Pull-Out:
"Star Crazy" needs to take the 2nd-Sunday BOM spot that was vacated by Ruffled Roses.  :)


  1. love that first quilt you show and the Ruffled Roses - I didn't make that Sue Garmen? quilt but I did do Star Crazy

  2. Such beautiful projects. That is the prettiest grand illusion I have seen.

  3. I agree with Jasmine!!

    I love how you keep track of your projects . . . so wise to understand your own style!

  4. Okay I'm out of breath! Love your Laurel Burch Christmas - lovely!!! Looking forward to watching you quilt the heriloom quilt too :) Such a lot of lovely stitchy goodness coming from your studio this month.....

  5. They're all beautiful, but that Grand Illusion, WOW! Talking to yourself about the UFO is just how I sound when I talk to myself, LOL.

  6. Beautiful finishes. Laurel Burch is my favorite.

  7. A Laurel Burch Christmas looks amazing - lovely rich colours!

  8. Wow! some amazing projects there.

    I have found that I am more productive now that I have abolished published lists of 'goals'! My spreadsheet shows only what projects have been started and where they're up. I decide what to work on based on what I feel like working on!


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