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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Goal Post

http://apassionforapplique.blogspot.com/2013/11/nothing-but-ufos-for-november.html Time for the magical progress-making guidance list for the new month!

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[But it's December, and High Holiday/Family time, so in actuality, anything goes this month!]
Never Too Hot To Stitch!

I'll be choosing my work from the following projects:

UFOs -
  • Let's Build a Snowman - Do the blanket stitching. (This was all fuse-appliqued last December.)
  • Laurel Birch Ornaments - Get this quilted and finished.
  • Jovial Trees - Assemble the flimsy.
WIPs/NewFOs -
  • Double Wedding Ring - Get the flimsy finished!
  • Comfort NewFO - Work on Modernology blocks in tandem with T.S. This is the brand new quilt kit I defied my rules and bought the day after Koko died. The fabric is a luscious bastiste type - soooo soft in hand, like a voile. I also splurged on the batting and ordered a silk for it on holiday sales this past Friday.
  • Scheduled NewFO - Pull Martha's Holiday Spin out of the NETY storage. At least get the fabrics washed and ironed.
BOMs -
  • Hello Moon - do any months that come out   
  • Holiday Tidings - month 5
  • Ruffled Roses - attach final border sections and do over-seam appliques
  • Affairs of the Heart - however much happens while stitching with company
COMMUNITY SEWING - Make some wheelchair quilt blocks.
FMQ Station - Laurel Birch Ornaments, then Snowman blanketing
Piecing Station - DWR, then Modernology
Hand Stitching - Ruffled Roses, then Affairs


  1. You go girl! Hopefully being around family and friends will bring you comfort. I have to say, those Christmas quilts you have posted make me want to make a Christmas quilt now! They are uber charming!

  2. December looks like it will be a busy month at your house! I have a Christmas quilt that just needs a few little stitches and then I can get it off to the quilter, too.

  3. Love your Christmas projects! Every single one. I'm looking forward to putting out my Christmas projects I finished last year and have several on my list for December too. Good luck!

  4. My you are going to be very busy, I love to see all your BOMs, the snowman quilt is very cute :)

  5. I vote for the Wedding Ring quilt to be finished. It's the prettiest wedding ring quilt I have ever seen. Do you have the pattern for the wheel chair quilts? I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  6. those Christmas quilts should get you in the spirit! the snowmen are so cute.

  7. I'm so glad you can set goals, even for December - such a busy month. Sew, sew, sew!


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