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Sunday, December 8, 2013

BOMs Away - 9 Dec - Holiday Tidings


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We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
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Hey! Hope you've been warmer than we have for the past three days! I've never been in NEGATIVE 17 before!  Yesterday warmed up to 1 degree, so Peak Ranch didn't cancel their photo-op day. We got to get pictures with one of their baby alpacas. Soooo fun. Wish the college girls had been home for that, too.

"Summit" was such a delightful sweetie!

OK, I had to go look this up after Heidi's comment. Are you ready? A baby alpaca is a "Cria," while a male is a "Macho" and a female is a "Hembra." Isn't that entertaining?  ;D

The reason for this post:  I did the sewing for month 6 of Holiday Tidings (which I cut out last week) as a leader-ender for my normal daily sewing, and today I cut and sewed the July pack, giving me these portions:

which then allowed me to complete this quilt section:

Yeah - - - they weren't completely amused that I interrupted their game to use the table for a backdrop, but the balls were just sitting so perfectly for it, you know?  ;D
At least I made sure I didn't leave strings behind.  heh!
How about you? Did you manage any BOM sewing this past week?



  1. Sounds like you got some northern Manitoba weather! Maybe I should get an alpaca to keep me warm too! :). So cute.

  2. Minus 17? Too cold for my tastes! That latest storm has really hit you hard. We think it's chilly here in Arizona where it's actually getting down to 28 degrees on Monday night. Not good for our citrus crops that reach their peak right around Christmas. Let's pray it warms up for all of us :)

  3. that is way too cold for me too! :0 - the finished section is pretty. ~Melanie

  4. This weather has been "interesting" for sure. I got up today and the sun was shining and I thought, "great, the temperature will be warmer!" Not!!! -2 degrees.

  5. Not sure what a baby alpaca is technically called, I will just go with cute. Good job creating with leaders and enders, I have been trying to do that more, but have trouble committing to it for some reason! We are at 30 this morning. To cope, I will think of you when I feel like whining about it!

  6. What a fun time that must have been loving on that sweet alpaca! And all that snow! Really? I was a northerner now a southerner transplant. We may have a couple days of light snow that mostly melts by the time noon arrives. Your darling piece on the pool table is so cute! I can hear the clang of the players being disrupted! LOL!

  7. Love your pictures and you can keep your cold weather. By the way it was 72 here today.

  8. I would love to work on an Alpaca farm! They are such beautiful animals! Your Tidings quilt is going to be so warm and inviting.......especially in sub zero temperatures!


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