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Saturday, November 30, 2013

End-of-Month Report for November and NewFO

November wasn't so great for me, with Koko's leaving us, but let's see what I accomplished. 

Thanks to the folks who host these parties that greatly boost my motivation in my quest to finish up every UFO and NETY in my closets.

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  Never Too Hot To Stitch!http://2hot2knit.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/2013-year-of-finished-project-december.html

UFO's: Two complete finishes

I'd planned on finishing up Koo Koo Puff and A Barbeque with the Squadron - both a big, fat NOPE!!

But my third selection was Kelly's 1930s quilt, and YES, I finished it!   All the hand quilting is in there, and the scalloped border is all stitched down. Not a quick task at all. Still need photos and a write up.

Then I threw in one of Kelly's Joseph Smith quilts for an unexpected UFO finish. I'm really happy with how the quilting turned out, and this is another write-up waiting to happen. The family loss and a Thanksgiving trip over the mountains to Grandfather's House have taken away blogging time lately.

(both of those are blogged here: Two November Finishes)

And my DECEMBER GOALS are posted here


Double Wedding Ring has 73 rings complete, so I kept up with my goal on that. Less than 2 rows to finish.

Rainbow Jane - I know now how I will quilt it, but I did not get any guidelines put in.



I love Barbara's NewFO parties each month, and they're really helping me get these kits pulled out of stone-cold status and on their way to becoming quilts before my youngest is out of high school.  ;D  Lots of other fun projects emerging, so take a fun  stroll through the other links!

I had the best time with this one. Braid quilts turned out so easy to put together that I got the entire flimsy constructed!!  LOVE THIS! And I'm calling it "Plums in November."  I went comfort shopping when Koko died and got the backing and binding for this at the local quilt shop. I also was bad and bought a kit for a modern quilt which will be my next NewFO.

Plums in November flimsy:  (something like 75 x 90)


The kit didn't include enough fabric for the end triangles, but I found some Stonehenge in my stash to use there. I think it worked fabulously.
The kit fabric was like the lightest marble near the center squares, so I'm actually happier with the effect of this substitute than the original would have yielded.

SUPER itchy to quilt this one!!!!
(The backing is a nice plum batik with a wee bit of perkiness and plummy shapes. The binding is a slightly less perky plum that pulls together perfectly with the darker shades in the border fabric on the front.)

 BOMs:  Not bad, just went off-roading with this category for the month.

I did not keep up with all four slots. I didn't feel like it, and Hello, Moon isn't out just yet. I did finish everything on both of Kelly's BOM tops, and then quilted one of them and finished it. I did do 4 sets of work on the Holiday Tidings BOM that I pulled into the active loop this month. Nothing on Ruffled Roses other than some basting of a few applique pieces. Fully expect to go "off-road" again for December. Who knows what will happen, because I'll choose as I feel each Sunday instead of looking at the "schedule."

 Community Sewing: Nope. I did not make those wheel-chair blocks.   Maybe next month.

So - altogether, not a power-house month, but not a bad month, either.


  1. not a bad month at all. your braid quilt is gorgeous. I made one of those for my daughter done in turquoises. be sure to link up.

  2. I think having more planned than we can accomplish is a common theme among quilters. I know it is with me! I LOVE your braid! I bought the book several years ago and still have one of those on my list of quilts to make. Great job! Would love to know what your plans are for quilting it. I'm stopping in through the NewFO linky party.

  3. I really like your Plums in November Braid quilt. I think I would like to do one of those.

  4. Wow, Lyn ... Plums in November is a show stopper! Fabulous piecing and the way you've positioned the colours graduating is just stunning ... got myself a bit of quilt envy going on here :)

  5. Fabulous braid quilt! I would be over the moon if I accomplished even half of your month's tally :)

  6. Not a powerhouse month? You've done more in the month that I have in six! The quilt is beautiful, congrats on the finish,

  7. Plums in November is beautiful. I love it when I run out and the fix makes a quilt better, like your triangles.

  8. Plums in November is stunning! And I am so sorry about Koko. I get teary eyed still over my Simon and that was 18 months ago. I finally think I'm ready for a kitten to join the family after the holidays.

  9. Oh, my very pretty braid. I love the colors. I'm glad you enjoy the NewFO Challenge.

  10. Your braid quilt is really beautiful. Love the little bit of turquoise in there - it really pops!

  11. So sorry to hear of your loss. Your braided quilt is stunning. I love the blending of the colors.

  12. Your braid quilt in these plum colors turned out so pretty! I've admired that pattern for a long time, and it always seems to turn out best in batiks. Your fill-in fabric choices are just perfect. It will be fun to see how you quilt it. Hope you're enjoying these days.

  13. Beautiful projects! The braid quilt is spectacular! Good luck with your December goals.

  14. Gorgeous, am very envious you got yours finished, mine is still in the quilting stage!


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