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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIPs - A little rotation. :)

It's been a good quilting stretch now that Christmas is past and my semester hasn't resumed. 

Hand-work Station
I just have the background quilting left to stitch on my Hawaiian mini quilt! Then I'll be pulling out Kelly's 1930s queen size to finish for her. She only had about 18" left to go on it. 

Quilting Station

Sooooo close to the finish now of this one!

For the last open spaces which are pretty large, I doodled and doodled before finally settling on a heart vine meander with scrolls. It's sweet and feminine and carries the heart motif into this broad area.

Before I hit the meander, though, I quilted little messages going up and then down the diagonals on each side's two panels.

For example, on this side we have:   "Smile :D"  . . .  "Sunshine :D"

There's sappy stuff like 

"Mom loves you always" . . . "and forever!"

"Marissa is" . . .  "Awesome!"

"You make the world" . . . "a happy place"

 Marissa's Moment has been in the works for a very, very long time, so I'm super excited that there is only about 5 hours of FMQ left to go. Then I can tackle my very first scalloped binding. . .   

Piecing Station

I suddenly needed a gift quilt, and nothing on the lineup for UFO finishes fits the bill for this young man. So I hit the stash and we've got Houndstooth Blues in the works! I had plenty of Kona snow (getting a whole bolt that one time on sale was one of the smartest things I've done), but not enough of any one terrific blue for the whole quilt top. So I had to intermingle three. The space fabric that makes up most of the blue teeth combined with the shape of the design really keeps making me think "STAR TREK." This fella is as much a nerd as we are, too, so it's very possible that this quilt's name will reflect that by the time I'm finished!

Thank you to Lee and this week's host for facilitating this motivational link-up! You should go check out what everyone is up to.  :D

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Love your meandering vining hearts. Lots of fun projects in the works.

  2. Love the FMQ and the way you add those special sentiments and fun elements into the design.

  3. I like the blue quilt. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished.

  4. Great FMQ... it looks so fun and love how you've added the sweet words!

  5. Love that you added a few personal messages--such a great idea!

  6. you have been busy! Love the quilted words and smiley faces - very cute.

  7. I can't wait to see your hawaiian applique finished. And I love the little messages you put in your quilt. I did a few of those on the memory quilt I just finished over the holidays- mostly one big pattern, but I quilted words like friendship etc. in a couple of the blocks. They're like little secrets for the person to find!

  8. Love the fun quilting! Trust Mom/Mum to make the quilt multipurpose: keep warm, and remember those affirmations... :0) One trick I have when doing a vine meander is to include three elements, makes it heaps easier to put together a sequence as you are quilting - a few more options for those tricky areas. For example, a flower, leaf and swirl with the loop inbetween. Give it a try next time.

  9. The messages in the quilting are so cute. Two weeks before the semester starts.....

  10. Oh - I SO want to do a houndstooth quilt! Love how yours is shaping up!

  11. I love the writing! And I like the variety of blue in the houndstooth one - when you pinned it, I couldn't "see" the houndstoothing, just the individual blocks. Now I can see it!

  12. Nice projects - I'm really liking the look of that houndstooth quilt!

  13. Lynn...I love the quilting and the smile just makes me smile!!! I haven't seen a houndstooth with different shades of one color. I really like it!!!!

  14. Teh emandering quilting with the messages is absolutely wonderful!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  15. Your quilting is wonderful! I enjoy seeing your practice pages - good for you to do that. Have you ever thought of getting a Magna-Doodle, to save on paper? I've tried drawing quilting designs on my grandson's Magna-Doodle. It works great! Now if I could just find a BIG one, in stock!

  16. Marissa's quilt will be an heirloom for sure - just wonderful! No matter how old she gets, she will always be your "little girl". She may say its sappy but will secretly love it.

  17. So many nice projects going on :-) I love tne words in your quilting :-)

  18. great fmq and look at those pretty blue fabrics.


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