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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP - 19 Dec '12 - Time for a switch :)

I'm super antsy for the last stitches to be in on this label, because then I get to strike a UFO off the list and make a blessed project switch -FINALLY- at one of my stations.  :D  Yes!

Coming to the stitching station tonight:

Pulling UFO Hawaiian Etude back into active work. 

This is my first hand-quilting piece. 

I've made progress already in shortening my stitches. 

You can see that here in the difference between the stitches on the fuchsia batik and the the cream stitches outlining the inner motif. I've gone from 5/inch to 8/inch. (We do count only the top stitches, right?)

Koko zeroed in on this 15" mini pretty fast when I trespassed on his sun patch to get some shots.

At the FMQ station:

Finished the grass! 

Now to do the loopy "flight lines" around the flower heads, then I can do the quilting for the bias print and that's all. On track for having this UFO quilted by New Year's.  That is happiness.

At the piecing station:

Fences all made!!!!!  

Just need to attach the top and bottom and put the last border on this UFO. I'm just not certain whether I'll leave it as is, or if I want to applique something in the plain green corners you see on the pattern pic. 

I think their emptiness bothers me, and since I've made other tweaks, shouldn't I do something here, too? I'm thinking of appliqueing this motif in those squares with some of my medium and light-tone pink scraps from the blocks.

Thank you to Lee and this week's host for facilitating this motivational link-up!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Love your stations! I'm a big fan of Hawaiian applique and love the fabric you chose. What are you going to make with it--pillow, vase quilt?

  2. Wow, I love the idea of stations. I presume it lets you go from project to project without having the the room look like a tornado hit it! Lovely work - I esp like the Hawaiian applique!

  3. Duh. Never invade the kitty sun spot. I don't even get dressed between 9-11 am, because that's when the big boy camps out in the closet doorway sun spot. Yay to the end of the fences, and I think the flowers would look great in the corners!

  4. While I like your suggestion for the corners too, I'd be tempted to do something that could trail across some of the picket fences - cos whats a picket fence without a rambling rose??

  5. Wow!! your pieces are just gorgeous Lynn!! I love your hand quilting, your FMQ is stunning and the piecing of the fence is great....love it all!

  6. wow your hand quilting is great! Love your fences!!

  7. Another wow Lynn, I knew the FMQ project was going to be lovely, no not lovely its beautiful. Love the fences too, the corners would look great with the flower motif

  8. Love the way you organized your post - and probably your quilting life. Excellent way to keep things moving. That Hawaiian-style block is beautiful. Nah, count the top and the bottom stitches. They are all in that inch! =)


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