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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2010 Flying Needles BOM Quilt of Season

(This is a journaling entry of a quilt finished in Dec 2010)

I love this quilt!!

For 2010, I was in charge of the BOM exchange at our guild meetings. Each month the leader chooses a pattern, and anybody who makes a block gets their name put in the basket and whoever’s name is drawn gets to take all the blocks.


Jan - Carol's Snow Star

Each month I made the blocks in duplicate so that I could accrue a complete set of my own to make a 2010 quilt.

Feb - Hearts Card Trick

At the end of the year, I fiddled around to design a layout that would enable others who had done the same thing to create a cohesive top. 

Mar - Magic Circle

I purposefully chose a sashing that was simple enough for beginners while also allowing for unifying color play for the whole.

Apr - Dutchman's Windmill

I had Patty Butcher do the custom quilting for me on her longarm, but I had a lot of fun planning out exactly 
how I wanted each block done.

May - Rosebuds

I made life-size templates for each one, meticulously drawing the design out.

Jun - Steps to the Altar variation

Poor Patty cringed when I brought them all in!!  

Jul - Stars and Posts

Not having started any long-arm quilting myself yet, I had no idea what was easy to do and what was a pain. 

Aug - Sailboat

So I just drew exactly what I wanted. Patty actually succeeded in giving me most everything just like I had it!

Sep - Castle in the Air

Oct - Maple Leaf

Nov - Mother's Dream

Dec - Evergreen

We're all rather partial to the kitties under the tree.  :D

There were a couple of changes that she asked if she could make to ease the process, which were nice anyway, and a suggestion regarding the sashing feathers which was more pleasing than my first sketch.

The setting squares all have the guild's logo quilted in them. (And, no, Patty did not use a computer to do all those teeny-tiny flying geese motifs! They were all done by ruler help.)

This quilt has a hanging sleeve because it’s just too fun and pretty to not have up on the wall sometimes!


  1. Looks like fun! Making a duplicate of your blocks is such a good idea!

  2. Very Nice! I thought about organizing a BOM where everyone did a block and then swapped with someone else so that at the end of the year, everyone had chosen a block for one month and everyone wound up with one block from each member. Seeing how well this turned out, I might do that!!

    Take Care,

  3. What a great looking quilt. Very nice!


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