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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just in Time - What a Hoot, Devon! is ready for the dorm

What a Hoot, Devon!
75x103 in.
100% cotton fabrics, Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting
Original design pieced by Lynette Caulkins, quilted by Patty Butcher
Niceville, Florida 2011

Gosh, I usually feel exuberant when a quilt is finished - but I tied off the last eye button and felt like crying, instead.  :(   That's because this quilt is finished just in time to make the road trip out to Colorado to take Devon off to college. And that means Heather will be gone soon, too!  meh.

These guys are going to do a terrific job of cheering up Dev's dorm room and reminding her of how much we love her at home!

Patty did a  terrific quilting job. It's almost the same job as the quilting on Heather's, except that now Patty has a computer attachment, so she was able to work out a really neat white border treatment that coordinates with the Celtic knots in the corners. Very cool!  

She also wrote "2011" in each corner's quilting.

I think this guy is my favorite. 

No, maybe this guy.

Or this one!

No. It's this one.  :D   Because my Baby Girl worked so hard to get that gold-tassel Summa Cum Laude with a heavy AP load, despite having to fight dyslexia, and while remaining incredibly active in a demanding band program and giving service to her community.

Here's to you, Devon!!  


  1. Wow what a quilt, and stitched with so much love for Devon! May it keep her warm and cosy and wrapped in love for a lifetime!

  2. Gorgeous owls! They make me smile!

  3. Your owl quilt is beautiful! Devon will never forget how much you love her. A very special 'leaving home' quilt.

  4. How wonderfully appropriate - flying off into the unknown with the wisdom of home tucked under her wings ...

  5. Hermosa. me encanta como quedaron los buhos.

  6. Well done for making such a lovely quilt for your daughter and well done to her for graduating so well. Good luck for her going away - for you more so than for her!

  7. The quilt is adorable!!! Each and every owl is so cute.

  8. What more beautiful quilt, congratulations! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. Come back! I will be here very often.



  9. Whoop whoop!! Such an amazing quilt, and obviously so much love went into it!! Love the owls....

  10. Congrats to Devon! And to you for the beautiful and cheery quilt to keep her company away from home. Good luck, Devon!

  11. Wonderful quilt & even better quilt story!

    Congrats & best wishes to Devon as she heads off to college. My best to you too, Mom!

  12. This is awesome, Lynette...and i can just imagine how emotional this summer has been and this week/trip will be. Thinking of you!! (((HUG)))

  13. I Love it! Awesome Quilt. My daughter would love this, she's collects owl's. My mother has collected owls for 30 yrs every place she would travel she would get an owl and my daughter was the only one out of the family to want all those owls.

  14. I absolutely ADORE this quilt. I love owls so was so drawn to this. :)


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