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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My WIP 17 - Two big finishes in sight, and some more dragons!

Around the World with Mr. Hernandez, Twin #2:

Got the Crete/Greece corners quilted and the steps and eye of the pyramid. (Had some help from Koko - usually Boo drives me nuts at the machine, but Koko was clingy on Monday and stayed glued at my side all day.) 

Koko had to burrow *in* (not just under)
while we were moving some pins and tucking tails.

Now to “write” in the NaGISAs, kanjis, and snow crabs around its base and then quilt the water region. Last I’ll quilt all the words around the border, and then have a movie fest while I tie off and tuck all the dozens of tails! Binding and label are ready to go when I get there, so this should be a FINISH by the end of the weekend.  :D

Sailing with the Flying Needles:

Got the trim sewn onto the four sides yesterday – all that remains is hand work to get the trim to stay the way it’s supposed to be when the quilt’s hanging on the wall. A label and hanging sleeve ought to find their way onto the quilt before the next WIP party!

Heather's Dragons

Since I first showed them to you, Heather has put together two more dragons:

Meet the Volatile Red Dragon:

Red dragons are extremely violent and aggressive, even from hatching.  As young dragons, they fight with their siblings for food and attention from the parent that guards them, and usually only a single dragonet from the clutch will survive.  At adulthood, they believe everything belongs to them and will conquer whole civilizations to get what they want. The largest of the chromatic dragons, they easily strike fear in the hearts of all but the most brave…and often most foolish…adventurers who cross their paths.

And the Loquacious Brass Dragon:

Brass dragons are the good-natured chatterboxes of the dragons.  They will sit around talking all day if they could and enjoy company of any type.  When they meet travelers, they love to catch up on all the latest news and gossip.  They have been known to bury people in the sand up to their necks and refuse to free them until they talk.  Brass dragons lack wings when they hatch, but when they are mature, their wings develop.  After their marvelous butterfly-like wings grow in, they are reluctant to take on any form of travel other than flying.  As such, their feet remain very delicate as adults.


A big "Thank you!" to Lee at Freshly Pieced for hosting WIP Wednesdays 
It really keeps me motivated to keep those UFOs going! (Go check out what everyone else is doing - there are some really neat projects out there!)

This week's stats:

New Projects - 0    
Completed Projects This Week - 1    (Around the World with Mr. Hernandez!!  An awesome quilt)   
In Active Progress - 2    (Sailing, Around the World Heather)
Children’s In Active Progress - 5    (Heather’s Dragons, Heather’s Geometric, Give Me Some Minky Love x 3)   
UFO Firing Range - 35.333          
Finishes for 2011 - 20  

Completed tops awaiting quilting (1 off this week!):

What a Hoot, Devon! (at the longarmer’s!)
Around the World (Heather's)
One charity wheelchair quilt
Dreamy Unicorns (pantogram on order)
Wagon Wheels West #2
Be Attitudes
We Love Kelly
Devon's Silk Spinners
Marissa's Minky Squares
Kelly's Thirties Hand Quilter
Kelly's Calico
Leap Frog Lily Pond
Poor Forgotten Orphan from 15 Years Ago http://whatahootquilts.blogspot.com/search/label/BOMs%20Away


  1. Those dragons are amazing! You have lots of progress on all your projects, nice week!

  2. wow, what incredible work you do!

  3. I didn't realize you were making a second Around The World - WOW!

  4. Looks like you have plenty of help! Can't wait to see them finished and your daughter's new dragons are beautiful!

  5. You ROCK!!
    Love those dragons!

  6. The dragons are just so cool! And I can't wait to see the other around the world quilt finished!

  7. You're doing so well. No new projects started? Your statistics are looking good.

  8. wow that is a lot of completed tops. Way to go!

  9. Those dragons are great! Ilove how each have their own personality. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Lynette!

  10. Great dragons! And wow - you are busy being super productive. I need a dose of that myself!

  11. The dragons are awesome, Heather is so talented.
    You have been very busy, Looking forward to seeing the second Around the World.

  12. Lynnette, all I can say is "WOW"!

  13. I love those dragons. It's so fun reading about them. I'd rather meet a Brass dragon than a Red dragon.


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