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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A God Wink for Em :D

Some things must just be meant to be.

Working on the memory/tribute quilts, got the first one all quilted except for the border. . . "Honey, should I just run a cool line or pattern on the border, or put some words in there about what they did?"  "Words would definitely be cool."

So I go to the computer and brainstorm with Heather how I should word the border narrative and what dates are correct.

Find a font that can be stitched without foul language. Mess around with font size until I find the best match for the finished border width. Decide there are just too many words to hold Golden Threads up to the screen and trace, so print the pages out and cut individual words with the plan to tape them on the border for spacing and then go back and word-by-word pull the printed one off and copy it with a white quilt marker. 

So. . . I start at the beginning, taping each word on in good spacing for themselves, figuring I'll be fiddling with them all for 2 hours to get them to fit perfectly around the quilt and hopefully also have sensible corner "breaks" in the phrases. 

Get to the last four or so, and can't believe it!!  Look at this:  

Perfection the first time around. *And* the corner breaks are all awesome. No stinkin' way!   Hehe.  I know Em will love this one! God wink, for sure.


  1. Awesome. Perfect. Well done.

  2. Fantastic idea ... how awesome that it worked out on the first pass!

  3. Don't you just love those moments! The words are going to look amazing stitched around the edges!

  4. Can you feel the smile that is spanning all across America to you?!!!!! SO FUN!

  5. Awesome quilt! The words look wonderful ... I can even feel Em's smile!!

  6. Wooooo hoooo - that truly is perfection!!!!


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