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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #4 for me

Back to routine after 2 weeks off. Feels boring and good at the same time. Spring breaks are all over, and Scott's back to full-time days at work. We're feeling pretty thankful for the blessing of returned health. The neurologist labeled his stroke as a Reparable something something, and Scott's already had full recovery of his arm sensation. Just waiting for the official medical board review for the Air Force to close the chapter as far as "job security" goes. The fact that they've put him back to work full time at the clinic means they're not going to let him go. I think that's a good thing. ;D

Quilting mile marker for this week: I did my first free-form free-motion quilting on this charity wheelchair quilt. Ummm. . .  I took pictures ONLY so I could laugh at them later on when I have gained this skill. Let me say I have a whole new respect for the work of folks such as Leah Day! Bobbin tension was fine except for one tiny area, that's where there good news ends. Back-tracing was usually nasty by my standards; stitch size was  all over the place. Design execution failed - the eyes of the peacock feathers were supposed to be 2 or 3 times bigger than they turned out. I'll get better!

Charity quilt #2 is pinned and ready to go as my next guinea pig. These are lap quilts for wheelchair-bound folks, with the bottom corners lopped off so they don't get caught in the wheels.  Both quilts need binding this coming week.

Actually, Devon pinned this, not me. Wanted to do some community service.  :D  

Finished binding Dad's Wagonwheels West and ready to stitch the names into the border. Just need to make more table space between the machine and the wall.

I really like these Pinmoors! Purchased one bag (yes, they are very expensive) and cut them in half like someone mentioned doing several months ago. Work like a charm - More bags of these would make EXCELLENT gifts on special days ::hint-hint::

And, of course, primary focus has been on my coursework, which currently prioritizes this critical review.

Other active projects for the next few days:
BOM for quilt guild tomorrow
Week 13 discussion and Rakove Critical Review
Stitching Devon's owl bodies and prepping the wings and belly hearts.
Tail work on Marissa's Moment
Catch up Valor Bee blocks
Lori's Butterflies

This week's stats:
New Projects - None (Good Girl!!)
Completed Projects This Week - 0
In Active Progress - 3 (Dad's Wagon Wheels; Charity Quilt 1; Charity Quilt 2)
UFO Firing Range - 33 (not counting untouched kits!)
Finishes for 2011 - 4

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Two charity wheelchair quilts
Katie Loves Christopher
Trip Around the World with Mr. Hernandez (Mr. Hernandez's)
Trip Around the World with Mr. Hernandez (Heather's)
Be Attitudes
We Love Kelly
Sailing with the Flying Needles
Wagon Wheels West #2
Poor Forgotten Orphan from 15 years ago
Devon's Silk Spinners


  1. Lynnette.... love reading about your projects! Good luck on your coursework!:)

    Thanks for your input on my blue/yellow or blue/pink dilemma.

  2. What size are the wheelchair quilts. I wanted to do some and no one has given me a good size requirement.

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