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Sunday, June 28, 2020

BOMs Away -- And Mold Away! (with some Dahlia thrown in)

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Where we share what we're doing on a BOM-type project 
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
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Hi! Hopefully, things are going better at your house than they are here. We are living with what sounds like jet engines in our house since Monday - expected to be here until Tuesday, when I really REALLY hope they have done their job and go away!

A peek through the back door.
You CANNOT believe how noisy those blue machines are!!!

Last Sunday evening, Marissa came over for Father's Day, and when she was ready to leave, she wanted to look for a coat she hadn't taken with her before all the stay-home orders began and she quarantined with her boyfriend. 

We haven't touched the coat closet since the third week of February - Stay Home meant no coats needed, grocery stores wouldn't let us use our market bags that live in there, and the dojang's been closed, so no need for the sparring gear. Well, she opened the door, and an EXPLOSION of mold smell flew out into the house. 

Zero sign outside that a huge problem was developing

Whaaaat????!!   How the heck did that develop in such a short period of time?! Turns out the tub drain above the closet decided to leak. Thank goodness Marissa wanted to find her coat, or we may not have found the issue until late August!! As it was, we really lucked out, and the mold/moisture damage had not yet spread past the subfloor to the basement bedroom underneath. 

As it was, I CANNOT believe we didn't know that was happening, that simply keeping that door closed kept us from smelling the mold growing. Lots of different kinds, too. There were gorgeous bright yellow, a cool cheddar orange, but mostly blues and greens and grays. A couple colonies of straight-up black. The team leader said a whole lot of it looked like Penicillin. Cool. We're both allergic to it.  

So that's all torn up, been repaired by the plumber through the ceiling, and then all the closet, ceiling, an adjoining cupboard, and floor were ripped out by the mold mitigation crew, treated, and been "contained" with their specialty equipment doing their thing. 

This side also has a blue monster machine.

Then the mudroom is also sealed off from the rest of the house and has its own little blue monster going, as well. Everything was fumigated on that part of the containment, and yesterday the testing crew did their thing. Assuming the mitigation guys got everything and the tests show up negative on Tuesday, the equipment can be taken out so the rebuild crew can start their work. 

We're still supposed to keep that all sealed off from the rest of the house, but today we were allowed to use the washer/dryer. At least we didn't have to tote everything to a laundrymat. . . although, it would a lot quieter there. . .   

All the coats' shoulders were covered in hairy mold growth, and it was going down most of the arms. They'll all at a textile company's location that specializes in restoring clothing and furniture after mold infestation. Super cool, because the company came and got them and will bring them back! The two pair of snowboots we had in the closet, I just tossed. I'm not convinced they could be cleaned well enough that I'd want my feet in there, sweating for long periods. >Ewwwww<

Anyway - Quilt stuff!  

Do you remember the Dinner Plate Dahlia technique-of-the-month quilt tops that I did last year? This weekend I got a really great start on the quilting of Heather's.

You can see the Caducea that I trapunto'd onto the black petal tips. This quilt celebrates Heather's graduation from medical school. Last year. Yeah. It's getting "2019" quilted onto another spot in the dahlia, and then the big black corner arches are getting a DNA motif that Heather requested. It'll be fun!

Especially since I'm almost finished with the stabilizing task. Super finicky work on this quilt pattern - soooo much curved stitch-in-the-ditch. I finished all the white work for that today, and tomorrow I'll do the black stabilizing SID. Then the real fun begins, with the decorative quilting.  :)  I can't wait to get to that part. 


So, what about you? Have you been able to work on a BOM? 
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  1. So glad you found the mold, that is nothing to mess with! Dahlia is so beautiful, you do such a great job with the quilting. Stay safe, healthy and happy stitching!

  2. My daughter had the tiniest bit of mold from where the fridge was leaking and we were astonished at what the team tore up, upstairs and down. So lucky with insurance but a huge inconvenience that lasted months. But you really do need all the mold gone. It sounds like your team has matters well in hand.
    What a wonderful special project your Dahlia is! Marking a most auspicious event.

  3. You quilt is just stunning! Sorry about the mood.

  4. Oh my gosh -- ONLY A QUILTER stops to admire all of the pretty mold colors growing in the closet! :-). So glad you caught that disaster before it spread any further or made anyone sick! I am fascinated with your process for this magnificent dahlia quilt, Lynette, especially since I'm just venturing into learning the best way to tackle custom quilting on my Millie. What kind of batting are you using, single or double layer? To stabilize, do you just baste the sides of the quilt as you go through with all the SID or do you do any additional horizontal and/or vertical lines of basting in a quilt like this to ensure everything remains straight and square as you SID the curved seams?

  5. Oh, yuck! Mold is so nasty. I'm glad you have a company that can just take care of most of the clean up with their special noisy equipment. You sure don't want to do that yourself!

    On a happier note, the Dahlia is looking marvelous! I love the special quilting touches. An heirloom for sure :)

  6. Wow about the mold! I've heard of mold being a problem, but not to the extent you've had to deal with it. Obviously it must happen regularly if there are companies that specialize in handling that sort of thing. Pretty amazing. How lovely that you've taken up longarm quilting (Since I last read your blog. Sorry, for seven months I've been unable to comment on any Blogger blogs from my computer) and are tackling detailed projects. How close are you to finishing up all your kits? Surely there must only be a few left.

  7. Sad Sad days of mold cleaning and repairing for you! At least you will have some new walls, closet, and ceiling soon!

    Dahlia is gorgeous and still on my to do list! All of your quilts inspire me so much.

    I hope you are doing ok.

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