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Sunday, December 9, 2018

BOMs Away - Pretty Things

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Where we share what we're doing on a BOM-type project 
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
(Linky at the bottom.)

Well, here's another week of sharing non-quilting projects. :)  

Things are really starting to come together on the remodel work, although several weeks of effort remain.

Can I tell you: I ***LOVE*** my doors!!

Aren't they pretty? 

- and the photos today are showing quite true colors, for once~

I'm rethinking how I'll do the vanity doors/drawers and the bathtub skirting. I might do panel work in those areas to reflect the door stylings. I'll need to order a few more onlays, though. . .

And I'm much closer to the finish of the top portion of the fireplace wall! I have to individually shape the tiny bricks on the corners, and it takes 6 hours to raise the four corners 5 inches.

I put 3 rows in at the top so we could finish installing the crown moulding this weekend, then went to the base to work my way up. It works better to do 5 rows at a time across each corner so they set up and provide sturdy bases for further work, rather than work a continuously fresh base up one corner at a time.

I figure it will take six more days to wrap up these corners. Then I can float the demo'd wall below the mantle and start the finish work on the mantle. (Pretty architectural detailing going there, too.) I'd like to have that done by Christmas, and then I'll do the tiling of the bottom portion after the holidays.

I'm not even thinking about the finish work on the crown moulding until January. That'll probably take me several hours a day for two weeks. 

Other than these things, my part of the remodel still includes: refinish the last door; curtains for the bath picture windows; vanity cabinet refinishing; bathtub skirt designing, help building, refinishing; light fixtures refinishing; mirror framing and finishing; bedskirt; design library cases and finish those after Scott makes them; upholster Clara's old-lady steps (so she can get up on the bed in style); paint the two French armchairs in the bay window.

I think that's all.  The craftsmen need to GET IN GEAR and install the bath tub quartz, the vanity tiled counter, and the new plumbing fixtures. Those things I absolutely can't do myself. I've started calling them nicely every week since my job's been on their list since late July, and they do sound more responsive now that the fireplace tiling job is off the board. . .   (yes, I'm not amused about the long delay - my tub's had a leaky faucet this entire time that's impossible to repair).

But it's all going to be so very worth it in the end. :)

And, hey: Here's an oldie-but-goodie BOM photo of a Christmas quilt in my UFO closet, "Once Upon a Star"


Did you manage to get some quilting BOM work done?

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  1. Your home is going to be so beautiful! The time you are investing is going to be worth it. Hope the plumbers shows up soon!

  2. Your door is a beauty, congratulations! Cute Christmas quilt too ;)

  3. Pretty quilt. Don't know how you manage to do all of this!

  4. Your remodel is progressing so beautifully! Kudos for doing so much of it yourself. I got tired just reading your list of action items, so I'm taking a coffee break ;-). I think my Once Upon A Star is still in a project box, with 2 other McKenna pieces in front of it. Late last year I finally turned Journey to Light into a flimsy.

  5. Your home remodel is really coming together! Love the doors and that gorgeous blue paint :)

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