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Sunday, July 30, 2017

BOMs Away - Fall All Around & Kevin's Scrappy Mystery

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Where we share what we're doing on a BOM or other interval project 
so they don't stall out in (or we can rescue them from) UFO-land!
(Linky at the bottom.)

Whee! This quilt gets more gorgeous with each step of progress! The fabrics have no metallic highlights, but they just glow in real life, and the interplay between the different colors is so very pretty inside that pretty burgundy sashing. Got the center all put together before the weekend hit:

I'll give the borders (with all those leaves) some finishing attention on Thursday/Friday. Looking forward to that, for sure.

So. . .since "Fall All Around" is coming off the BOM rotation (as well as Star Crazy), I fell victim to the draw of Kevin's "Sapphire Stars" scrappy mystery. 


He just put the second clue out, which I saw right after we had a sorting party here to get the latest mountain of scraps tucked into the appropriate color bins. So, there I was, having just stated that I definitely had to start doing something with the blue scraps, because that bin was bursting-full, and admiring several bloggers' scrappy finishes this week, when I happened on the mystery. Quite serendipitous, actually.

So yesterday I cut and cut and cut individual pieces from my scraps, and today I sewed the 48 blue squares for Clue 1 (yielding me 96 bonus HSTs), as well as the 48 short 3-strip sets and the 22 long 6-strip sets for Clue 2:

(That green is the back of a quilt that I have to attach binding to tomorrow before sewing up another backing for the next longarm session.)

I will have no trouble finding everything I'll need from my scrap bins (these hold everything that ranges from crumb size to about 1/8 yd), except the little yardage of the gray that he lists as the only constant fabric. That'll be easy to get from my regular stash, so no purchases necessary at all for this one. Completely love that!

Have you accomplished any BOM work?  :)  

Kate over at Katie Mae Quilts has joined me in hosting this meet-up,
and linking up from either end puts you on the party at both sides. She's got a huge PCS move looming over her head, so we're going to take her as we get her for the next little while!
Best wishes for a successful move and no serious damage or loss to belongings!


  1. That quilt top is just so gorgeous. What a fun new mystery bom. Your start on it sounds amazing.

  2. It is definitely a wonderful quilt and the fabrics are perfect.

  3. Now that is a beautiful, beautiful finish even without borders. You should be proud. As for your new project, which you sew desserve to start, it sure looks like a fun one. Mysteries are a blast. I just love the fabrics too. As a matter of fact, I am chimping at the bit to use my red/yellow/blue fabrics in a project soon.

  4. Lynette! You are serendipitous AND SPEEDY! WOW! WOW! WOW! Your units for Sapphire Stars look spot on! I am amazed by your many faceted quilting endeavors you recently posted as well! Thanks for joining in and playing along!


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