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Monday, July 18, 2016

BOMs Away - Out on a Lark

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

Oh, gosh! Sorry, everyone - I forgot to put the post up last night after we came home!

I didn't do any BOM work at all this week. Pin-basting Scott's quilt and getting the quilting started on it occupied Mon-Fri, and then this weekend was a flurry of activities. 

Saturday was belt testing day for Taekwondo. 

Patrick is up to blue belt, and Scott and Marissa and I are now at the Bodan level. 

This is where we've learned all the basic stuff and have to start putting it together and perfecting it. We'll have 4 poomsaes (rather like Tai Chi work), 10 kyroogis (sparring patterns), numerous different board breaks (strikes and kicks), lots of self defense moves, and a good bit of history and philosophy to focus on until the next test cycle. I think we're still working with our escrima sticks in the Leadership weapons class, too. Our normal class workouts also ramp up another notch or two of intensity! That part is hard for me to adjust to with my Lupus issues.

Patrick and Heather and I spent Sunday at the Renaissance Faire in Larkspur, doing a lot of shopping for ideas and a few items for their wedding in December. 

Pat had fun trying on some Tudor clothing.

We also met some neat people. I bought a necklace and earrings from this artisan. 

While I was telling her what drew me to the necklace (which vaguely made me think of an owl), she told me the inspirational story of the color choices in the earrings, which was the particular color "feel" of an obscure middle-of-nowhere highway in New Mexico. I love that stretch of highway!!  She couldn't believe I knew where she was talking about. We completely hit it off.  :)

Speaking of owls, this tiny full-grown fella melted my heart. He's a rescue bird of prey who can't rehabilitate to the wild, so they let him visit the Fair.

It was a fun, very busy, weekend!

Oh, and just to record a bit of silliness since we enjoy going out on walks together and doing a little Pokemon Go - this happened! I currently "own" the gym at the Masonic Lodge down the street from our house. Marissa was with me when I battled for it, said she didn't feel like battling (she was texting some friends), and then silently stole it out from under me twice in the gap after I battled for it and was opening the page to set my Pokemon on the platform.  :D   heh! Sneaky girl!! - This game will be a funny memory for us in a few years.


How about you? Did you work on your BOMs or other interval projects?  :D


  1. Not only did you have a busy weekend, but it sounds like it was lots of fun! I've done no BOM work this week, this month, yet! XO

  2. What an amazingly cute little owl... so lucky for you to see it so close up.


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