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Sunday, February 21, 2016

BOMs Away - Finish Report for "Baekjul Boolgul"

Well, this isn't even a BOM, but I'm still going to post a finish report so I have something to share. Been a bad day after my phone's out-of-the-blue/no-warning-or-options operating system update erased all my photos and wiped everything out of my cloud storage after October files. (Still have no clue why that last part???) That included all my photos of my latest significant finish, which I hadn't posted yet. I finished this around January 6th.

Fortunately, I'd popped a few pics onto Instagram, so I can share a little bit. 

"Baekjul Boolgul"

39" x 42"
original design by me, Lynette Caulkins

This quilt was made for Master Lee, our Taekwondo master. It contains a lot of symbolism relevant to our dojang, including our school-wide motto: "Baekjul Boolgul" - or, basically, "Indomitable Spirit"; the concepts of balance between the elements of air, earth, fire, and water; echoes of decorative architecture on our doors; and the adult belt progression from a new entrant to the level of Master Lee. 

This quilt has an unusual "knife-edge binding" rather then the traditional edge finish. 

I followed the excellent tutorial "Elizabeth's Faced Binding" at She Can Quilt to do that. It was a first for me, as was the incorporation of the 3-D twist panels, which I adapted from the "Twisted" tutorial at Shocking Hocking. 

The Korean words were hand appliqued in January 2015, when I was facing my lymphoma. They say "Baekjul Boolgul," which is our school motto and translates into the idea of Indomitable Spirit - never giving up. The only thing I would like to be different on this quilt is the placement of these elements so that they'd match their positions on the South Korean flag. But when I appliqued them, I had no idea what I was going to do with the blocks. I thought I'd be hanging them in a vertical line. 

Batting was a layer of Hobbs Tuscany Wool on top of a layer of Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom cotton/poly. For the quilting, each belt color was SID'd using my walking foot, and then two lines were run down the middle to make them look like miniatures of the belts we wear. Worked perfectly! I used gros-grain ribbons to add the white and black stripes onto the senior brown and red belts as I did their quilting, white loops of fabric were made for the senior designations on the reds and bodans, and I hand appliqued the gold dan strips onto the black belts. 

Everything else was free-motion quilted - wood grain work in the applique blocks, chrysanthemum fill in the tan framing, and that woven waves look in the gold framing around the twist panels. 

The magenta pink for the backing is reportedly Master Lee's favorite color. Love how it looks with this quilt!

So, even though I pitched an emotional tantrum today and did no BOM work, here's a fun treat to share.

But what about you? Did you do any BOM work this past week or two?


  1. wow Lyn its amazing,well done xx

  2. Beautiful! What great work. Thanks for sharing about the binding. There were a few of these at QuiltCon and I kept wondering how it was done. I'll be checking out that link! :)

  3. Wow! That is a lovely project. I am certain he will love it!

  4. So much time (equals love) went into this project; I'm sure it will treasured forever. Thank you for the linkup.

  5. Love all of the symbols and the beautiful quilting !!!


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