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Sunday, December 28, 2014

BOMs Away - Birthdays and Lights and Mysteries!

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately. 
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

Hey! I hope you're enjoying your holiday time. I actually touched my quilting "stuff" today for the first time since the 23rd. Not for super long, but I did get some things done. 

I did not work on my 4th-Sunday BOM, Wind in the Whiskers, because that requires a big fabric pull-out for several hours, and the table I do that at was needed for this today:

Birthday fun! I had a blast indulging Kyle's Pokemon penchant with a fabulous Pikachu cake made by one of my Taekwondo friends. 

So my normal BOM got ditched for birthday fun.

But I did manage to put together this week's Clue 5 work for the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery. I even did 1/3 of the work for last week's Clue 4, and paired up all those pink and blue HSTs with the yellow squares. 

(Linking this up at Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-up)

By the way - Paul at the "Outnumbered Quilter" blog is putting together a really cool interactive map for Bonnie showing where people are working on the mystery. Looks like this so far. It's zoomable just like Mapquest stuff - very fun.

 If you're working on this mystery, you should add a tack in your city! You can include your name or go anonymous. Either way, just put your city/state(province), not your personal address. Here's the link for that and you click on the "Additions" tab in the upper left area to add a tack: 


And that work is all I did for the day, because then we went on a little road trip for some family time doing this:


How are things at your place? Have you snuck in some sanity time to put a block together, or maybe start assembling a BOM top that you've worked on all year? Or perhaps it's just too crazy a time to do sewing and you're enjoying the holiday and your family?  :D


  1. Love the birthday cake Lyn, it has all been about cakes here too :)

  2. How nice for you to get to spend time with family, and enjoy those beautiful Christmas lights! And a birthday too. It's just wonderful. All I've done is sew and quilt, so I'm getting more sewing room time than usual. Trying to get caught up before the craziness begins on January 5. I have 41 students registered for two First Time Quiltmaking series that begin that afternoon. Whew! Wish me well! And good for you to be taking on BH's mystery. I did it only once, and it took me forever to finish. Never again. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. Happy new year, my friend!

  3. What is the location of the walk you went on? It looks like maybe Hudson Gardens?

  4. What a great idea to have an interactive map for Bonnie's mystery quilt.
    Looks like your family has been having a marvelous holiday Lynn. So Glad! Hope you all have a blessed New Year!

  5. I got on teh map too! I can't wait to see how people did with the mystery, what are your thoughts? I peaked at Clue #2 and I seized up a little bit! Keep working hard, but enjoy the delights of winter too!


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