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Sunday, March 23, 2014

BOMs Away - Flimsy Alert! Holiday Tidings

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!

We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
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Hey!  I just couldn't stand to not get this BOM finished this month, so I broke down my quilting machine to work for piecing again (plus, my spring-action quilting foot died after 4 years of use, so I can't work on my wedding ring quilting).  And Voila!

Holiday Tidings

78" x 90"
A nice queen size top that will be quilted who-knows-when, but at least this BOM set that's been idle since Feb 2000 is now all sewn up.  :D 

That makes me happy. And since I haven't been able to do so in forever, I'll be linking this up at Sarah's "Whoop! Whoop!" Party on Friday. And next month's 4th Sunday will bring a brand new BOM set into the work mix.  More happiness!


Have you done any work on your BOM(s) lately?



  1. Yay!! It always feels good to get a long standing WIP put together into a quilt top. It's beautiful, too! I have a Christmas Quilt top that needs some attention as well.

  2. Oh my, good for you. It looks great. Mine are all still in there original packages. Did you find the pieces were appropriately cut?

  3. Lynn! What a beautiful and festive quilt! I LOVE it! You certainly are having issues with your machines! That has to be very frustrating!

  4. Lyn I just love the flimsy -- congratulations on the "almost" finish. No BOM's to link up this week but I'll be enjoying others links. Karen

  5. This is beautiful! Did you say this was from back in 2000? I think one of my UFO's is from the late 90's..... I'll have to dig it out and finish it one of these days!

  6. This is beautiful! Did you say this was from back in 2000? I think one of my UFO's is from the late 90's..... I'll have to dig it out and finish it one of these days!

  7. I love that, it's really beautiful! Congrats on cleaning another one out.

  8. Your quilt is wonderful and everyone of my projects are "Who knows When"....giggle. WKW

  9. What a beautiful finish to your Holiday Tidings quilt!
    Congratulations on another fabulous finish!

  10. Good on you, another UFO tackled!
    Love that pieced border, that is one of my favorite blocks:-)

  11. HI!!!! Yaa!!!! That is wonderful!!!!! And very pretty!!!!!

  12. Glad you could do some machine sewing again, but sorry to hear about the broken quilting foot. Guess you've been giving that spring a lot of hopping action, huh? No BOMs around here. Busy getting a quilt made for a nephew's May 3 wedding. Also working on a selvage skirt for myself, to wear when I go to Paducah for the AQS show.

  13. Love the quilt! I'm visiting from Marti's blog because she mentioned your cat photos....lol...what beautiful creatures they are. I'm travelling at the moment and really miss my cat :-/


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