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Friday, May 31, 2013

May Report

Well, May went a little off-track with the final arrival of gorgeous spring weather and social mayhem. Let's see what happened with the plans for the month:

UFO Finishes:

Dragonfly Party 2 is finished as of yesterday morning!! 

This is the one that was quilted by Kay in Scotland, and it will get a comprehensive finish post when its twin - Dragonfly Party 1, quilted by Judi in Utah - has its binding all stitched down as well. Give me a couple of weeks to get that done; I started it last night. It's amazing how much slower hand-stitching a binding is for quilts that have glorious dense quilting. But it's well worth it! I'm getting super antsy for the photo op of the two.  :D

Kelly's 1930's -  I did not even start with that one. I hadn't dreamed that I wouldn't get both of the Dragonfly bindings finished in May.

Mermaid Fantasy for Heather - another one on my May goal post that I did not begin to get to.  

NETY of the Month - Full flimsy status! "Daisy, Daisy" was posted yesterday on my May NewFO report.   It's gorgeous :D

WIPS: Same Focii

Run, Kitty, Run advanced hardly at all due to my FMQ machine being away for 2 weeks and greatly diminished sewing time.

BOMs are the same 4, which you've seen moving along in my Monday BOMs Away link-up posts.

Dear Jane is now fully caught up with the original 2-year shop schedule! It's still moving along, but at a much slower pace. Its chart moved from this stage:

to this stage:

I was hoping for two UFO completions and one WIP pretty darn close to being finished. I got one UFO off the list, but that priority WIP didn't move much. There was a good amount of distraction progress in NETY work, though, which helps the overall UFO situation, and the standard BOM progress happened. So overall I'm very happy for the forward motion of a month that became far more hectic than I'd realized it would be.


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  1. How brave of you to set monthly goals. I wouldn't even be able to guess what I can get done in a year!

  2. Wow, the quilts are gorgeous and your Dear Jane is so close, congratulations.

  3. Wow - you are so, so close on your Dear Jane!!! Whoohoo!!!! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see that one :*) Life interrupted some of my plans too - in a good way - I love spring!!! But hopefully I'll get back on track this month.

  4. Social mayhem made me LOL... I had more than my share of that in May too! Considering that I hibernate for much of the winter... quite happily I might add.

    I love how you treat your beautiful quilts to the best quilting from around the globe. When I make my first quilting "masterpiece" I will come to you for recommendations on LAQ services! Your Dear Jane is going to be incredible.

  5. Just beautiful!!!! Love the purple.

  6. what you did accomplish this past month is great. I hope to have the new link up for the UFOs tomorrow. I am finally getting around to all that linked up for this month. Tomorrow I hope to announce the winner of the giveaway and add the new link.

  7. That pineapple quilt is gorgeous! I love those rich purples. And it looks like you're getting close on your dear jane! I can't wait to see that finished.

  8. You are such a tease Lynette....lol....can't wait to see both Dragonflies together......won't be long now though????


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