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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP: March NewFO - You Must Be Croaking! and baby binding

Sunday was March 24th - totally Spring, right?

Well, I woke up to this!!

Perfect Christmas flocking, don't ya think?

And opened the back door to this:

And it kept snowing All Day Long, giving us a good 10" overall of nice, heavier-than-usual snow, so that 3 times I had to go out and do this:

Shoveling snow is a terrific calorie burner when you're working on losing weight!

That was actually the left-overs on the 25th, and only about 1 1/2" that time. But our drive does not get direct sun and it ices over nastily if you don't just go out there and clear it off. Plus, nobody wanted to boot up on the snowing day just to take a pic for me of the real shoveling, and the one time Scott was out with me, we and a neighbor were far too busy clearing the uphill road into our cul-de-sac. Plows refuse to do our communal drive. Usually I use the broom for this much here, but I didn't have a pic with the shovel.  ;D

2013NewFOSo, if you recall, I participate in Barbara's NewFO fun by pulling something from my staggering storage of NETYs (kits/sets from the Never Even Touched Yet case).  I'd planned on doing a twister project with my HOOT layer cake and yardage, but 10" of snow on the day I was going to pull the NewFO - March 24! - made me laugh out loud for real when I went to that shelf and saw the kit for 

You Must Be Croaking.

Definitely the ticket!  The name is oh-so-apropos and an added bonus: NOT BLUE!  So tired right now of looking at my favorite color.

The fabric colors even look like they're trying to bring spring into my world! Don't gardens need tulips right now? 

Hmm - need to turn the bunny bench around so the base bunnies are facing people instead of the landscape wall. Probably ought to do that before Easter. ;D  

There is actually a good 5" layer on the bench under the fabric, although the camera flattened that dimension out.

Toodlin' away on the frogs.

I am really, REALLY enjoying the bright colors (although they're by no means neon). There are 6 different belly batiks and 4 different background yellows. I'm really disappointed in the kit's border fabric choices - very bad value pairings, nothing at all like the pattern picture, and not even a nice play with each other - but the frog and background fabrics are delectable, so I'm happy for now. I'll get them all made, then box it all up until I've finished a few other projects. When I come back to this one later in the year, I'm pretty sure I'll find substitutes in my stash for the border options I'm not happy with.

Update 3/30/13:

I finished the frog blocks as far as I want them to go at this point.  When I pull them back out for their priority turn later in the year, I think I'll embroider flies on some of them, and I'm also thinking I'll make their eyes be looking toward the nearest fly. So I'm not putting those on just yet.  :)

That was a super fun diversion from the "have to" sewing of the month!


When I finish the frog blocks, it'll be time to put on the walking foot and bind this baby quilt!!  WOOHOO  :D  

 I am sooooo thrilled with how the quilting played out. 

Looks as awesome on the back as it does on the front, and that minky is divine to snuggle with.

And Thank You, Scott! for changing the two burned-out bulbs so I can see better in the evenings when I'm stitching on the hand-work Dear Jane blocks.  :)

Not an easy task with those crazy-high ceilings!

Hope you're having a good week!



  1. I love the spiral quilting on the baby quilt! It makes it look like a fabulous italian tile floor. Like in a palace swimming hall or something. Great! And I love the optimistic bright-fabrics-on-the-snow pictures. Good luck with spring!

  2. I love the way the frog quilt is coming together. My son would love something like that :)


  3. The snow looks wonderful but I'm not so sure about the continuous shovelling....
    Your baby quilt is really beautiful - as is your house - wonderful high ceilings, lots of light etc.

  4. Beginning to think Spring has forgotten about us this year!

    Love the quilting on your baby quilt.

  5. Haha, bunny butt! ;) The frogs look cute! Certainly cheerful enough to melt all that snow and bring spring. Please?

  6. Love the quilting! The frog kit is just right for adding some colour to your wintry world!

  7. If all that moisture prevents forest fires in the summer, it will probably be worth the shoveling effort. It seems you still had time left for lots of sewing.

  8. How fun to see your snow, and you're not even whining about it! Must still be new enough for you that you think it's nice. Ha!

    Love that baby quilt. You did a wonderful job with the quilting. And how great for you to have a handy handyman. He does good work too.

  9. Love your snow....as long as it's in CO! That blue quilt is gorgeous! I am enjoying catching up on my bloggy friends tonight. Looking back at lots of great posts here!

  10. It's spring! and with so much snow. With so cold should be nicer to do patchwork.
    I really liked your quilted baby.
    A warm hug,

  11. I love all the colour on the snow. A sure sign that you are working toward spring! Beautiful quilting on your blue quilt too.

  12. Winter does seem to be hanging on everywhere this year! Those spring snows are heavier and certainly not so fun to shovel...but I agree...they are a good calorie burner. Love the new project...just the right project.

  13. Beautiful quilting on your blue quilt! I can see why you are so pleased. And enjoy that snow. Believe it or not, at times I miss seeing snow :)

  14. Your quilting turned out wonderfully! I love it. It makes me think of waves and bubbles in the water. :) It will make some yummy texture after it's washed and dried!

  15. Shovelling snow is hard work! I'm glad you still had time to sew. Your 'must be croaking' is a really fun project and I love your spirally quilting on the baby quilt :)

  16. I'm like you with kits and often supplement with a few stash fabrics. Love the quilting on your baby quilt! Our snow is finally starting to melt but it's going to be awhile...

  17. Beautiful work Lyn.I love the frog quilt. That is adorable. And your baby quilt is so pretty. Great job! Thanks for linking up today.

  18. Super job on the baby quilt - its fabulous. The froggy project looks like such fun, looking forward to seeing that one when you get back to working on it!

  19. I just loved the frogs jumping down your stairs, or were the jumping up them? LOL The quilting on your baby quilt is just lovely, both front and back!

  20. Love the frogs and the baby quilt is gorgeous! You are so creative with your photography, too. Very cool.

  21. Your quilting is just AWESOME !


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