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Sunday, January 15, 2012

BOMs Away Monday - 16 Jan 2012

Well, my girls are all gone back to their schools as of today. The quiet around here is so profound! I'm really glad I took on a Dear Jane quilt as a break-the-blues "friend" for my first empty nest year. Those Babies do help me chase the blues away -


I have a new BOM going! I actually bought it as a kit, though, because when we move in May we're getting a king bed and we have zero covers in that size. My goal is to do two months' worth per week so I can get it quilted in time for the new bed.

Introducing: Amaretto Cottage in Honey

The fabrics are luscious! I have everything cut out except the floral borders and two stop borders that I may or may not need to adjust the widths on to correct any size discrepancies as I move through the construction.

And I'm sooooo grateful for these free HST printables, because there's no way I'd do some 300 of them any other way.

Let's Go!   This is my January NewFO, so I'll be linking up with this one when it's time.  :)  And now that the kids are off and away, I'll be catching my blog up on the other sewing I've managed to get done the past 2 or 3 weeks. . .

  How about you? What BOM or other interval work did you finish lately? 


  1. What a fantastic quilt you are starting on. Looks really hard. Love your DJs

  2. woah! That looks like a seriously complicated quilt you're starting there! I know it will look fab!

  3. You know the saying about jumping in with both feet? Sometimes quilts just say - Now! and nothing like a deadline to get things cracking. Can't wait to see how it progresses...

  4. great looking quilt! get busy and sew - wow, two months worth every week - you will be busy.

  5. Amaretto Cottage is stunning. This is going to be fun to watch!

  6. I love that goal. I once made the quilt of my dreams for our queen size bed buut alas, that bed was too big for the house we are in now so I passed it to me daughter. I miss it but I know she loves it too.

  7. I LOVE those free printable triangle patterns, they make life sooo easy. I actually iron freezer paper to the right side of the light colored fabric, and run the fabric thru my printer, printing the pattern straight onto the fabric. Then layer the two colors and sew on the lines. No paper to pull off when you are done! It is great! I finished a table runner yesterday. Hoping to finish a quilt today.

  8. Your new project is stunning and your Janes are looking fantastic.

  9. This all printed designs look really great and fabulous.This all art and creations are really great.


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