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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Finish Report (whee!)


I am two for two so far this year!

In January, I finished this incredibly fun, bright and cheery quilt that my cousin's quilty friend had made at a class with her in 2009. She and Kelly had done the class to make themselves do something outside of their boxes. (Kelly was a Thimbleberry girl through and through!) Well, they DESPISED the quilt tops!

Kelly went ahead and got hers quilted at the high school, and put it out on an air mattress when we visited that summer. My daughter RAVED about it, and Kelly gave it to her on the spot. A few weeks later, she called me up, explained that her girlfriend despised her top, too, and would we like it? WOULD WE? lol!!! So, the top was mailed out to us.

Shortly after that, Kelly passed away at far too young an age. Heartbroken, I didn't do anything with the top until this year. The time seemed perfect for pulling out something connected to Kelly and finishing it up. (When I went back for her funeral, I gathered all the unfinished projects I could find and shipped them home so I could finish them for her children.)

Found a perfect backing fabric, paid Patty at Katydids Quilting to do a really cute edge-to-edge, and then hunkered down with some fun movies to stitch the binding. And, voila! One very cute, perky twin-sized quilt!


My second finish, from this month, is another quilt of Kelly's, and it's a perfect example of her favorite style and colors. I don't know when she pieced this one, but it should have been either 2008 or 2009. She'd had it quilted at the high school, which she was usually happy with. This time, though, there were a lot of problems that she didn't feel like dealing with, so she folded it and left it on a shelf. So, I patiently unknotted the bobbin nests and hand-worked those areas, then trimmed and bound the quilt for her son. It's going out to Washington state as soon as I verify the mailing address. :)

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