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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

OMG for October, WIP

So much of my year got hijacked away from quilting, that it feels really great to get back in the swing of things with quilting!!  I'm linking to Elm Street Quilts for OMG.

For October, I will get over myself with my mental blocks on this very fun quilt and put it on my frame to be my One Monthly Goal project. I want the quilting completely finished by month's end! Bonus if I get the binding and hanging sleeve finished in time for it be on the wall for Halloween.

(This is the Sew Spooky pattern by The Quilt Company)

There remains perhaps 60% of the detail quilting, which will happen in many different thread colors.  

Also, this is on my 18 in 2018 list, which needs some serious attention.

It'll be the perfect quilt for the month - probably the only quilt for the month since half my days are still dedicated to remodeling work - and next year it will be available for the wall all month long!


But FIRST, I have a customer quilt to do, which is the current WIP. 

Yesterday I fired the longarm back up after a good cleanup to rid all the dust and check the oil. It's loaded with a customer's super fun fabric and her really luscious red velveteen backing. 

As soon as the store will be open, I'll swing by to pick up the perfect thread for it, and then go to town with the quilting. Maddy wants random vertical lines (I've loaded it sideways for quilting ease), so this makes the perfect project to break back into my normal stride on the longarm - simple to execute and gratifyingly fast to work through and pull off the frame.


  1. Good luck with your projects, they both look like fun!

  2. Velveteen backing? Do you mean something like Minky or Cuddle, or something different? Are these decorator fabrics rather than quilting cottons? I'm asking because I have been struggling with needle flex/directional tension issues on a couple of charity quilts that were pieced using bed sheets and drapery fabrics. But I guess quilting straight lines with your channel locks eliminates those directional tension problems, since your machine only has to move from left to right. I'm very curious to see this when it's finished and hear how it went. Also your Sew Spooky Halloween quilt is adorable! Have fun with it!

    1. The backing was straight-up cotton velveteen, like the best quality available at JoAnn's. The fabric was a sateen-style whole-piece that started life as a duvet. I kept your post in mind - loaded a 4.5 needle, used Glide thread, and she'd already wanted a lightweight cotton batting. It worked almost 100% perfectly - no tension issues (as you said, I only needed to worry about the single direction), no needle issues. When I inspected the back, there were two spots where teeny tiny nibs of cotton got poked through. But I didn't have any issues with the red pile of the velveteen pulling through to the front.

  3. Lovely Halloween quilt! And beautiful customer quilt too! Good luck for your goals

  4. I love the Halloween quilt! I hope you're able to find more time to quilt!

  5. Wow - that is a great quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  6. Love the Halloween quilt! Good luck on your project!

  7. That’s a very cute quilt. My year was hacked away too, but no excuses. Definitely feels good to be back in the saddle.

  8. Your Halloween quilt looks amazing already!! You are going to have fun quilting it.


  9. Yes, I am dying to make that Halloween quilt! YOu are so close.

  10. Gosh that fabric on your frame is gorgeous. Is it just a wholecloth quilt or is there piecing?


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  12. Oooh that’s going to look great! I’d love to have a go with a long arm quilter

  13. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.


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