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Sunday, October 25, 2015

BOMs Away Monday - More for Scott's Row & Snooty Sisters beaded

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We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
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Hi there! No "Wind in the Whiskers" this month. I was working on the fusible applique for Scott's quilt rows and playing cards with the family instead.

I got 3 of the 5 settings done up today. 

Morning-After update: Now all 5 vignettes are fused down, and the scrap explosion is getting CLEANED UP! I really wanted the texture-print of the lower fabric on the Afghanistan mountain over on the right side, but it's a little too light. I'll be playing with a way to do a color wash on it with some fabric paint. The tons of detail-stitching needed on it will wait until January for attention.

I am always surprised at how much more time these things take than you think they will. Significantly more! Check out the bitty posters, though, that I resized and printed onto fabric:

They're not fused onto the background yet - need to get the last two made so I can double check the spacings. 

Friday I got the birdhouse applique work finished and fused down.

 I haven't done any of the stitching for these yet. But I did get the rest of my scraps sorted out. Still need to go buy bins. Playing cards was more fun than Home Depot today.

Oh!  And last night I pulled "The Snooty Sisters" off the wall and stitched their beads on:

(Linking up at Cath's Design Board)


How did things go at your end? - Did you do any work on BOMs this last week or so? 


  1. Love your bird houses. I promise to keep my kittens away! Your sea horses are adorable!!

  2. Love the snooty sisters. Your military quilt is flying along. I love the mini posters. THose little touches are going to make the quilt really special xx

  3. All of your projects look great. Love the little posters you made for Scott's rows. That's an awesome project.

  4. The snooty sisters is adorable! I love sea horses.

  5. You're making great progress. I think you must have more patience than I do by all the detail in your project. It's looking wonderful so far.

  6. oh Lynette....you have way more patience that I do....those figures are so well done and I just love the little poster....so much detail! The seahorses are beautiful as well....makes me want to give a McKenna Ryan design a go. Thanks for linking up at DBM at Bits 'n Bobs....I really hope to have something to link with you next week. I have been paying way to much attention to my other blog Cath@Home!

  7. found your blog on 'justusquilters' following you now

  8. Wait, that's all the scraps you have? You sure there's not another closet-worth somewhere? Also, I love the little printed posters - too cute! And I spy my own McKenna Ryan fabric in those seahorses.

  9. hi lynette wow your work is amazing,thankyou for sharing xx

  10. Hi Lynette; I dropped by to say that I have nominated you for a blogger award (One Lovely Blog Award); you can see my related post at http://1000needles.com/2015/10/27/one-lovely-blog-award/. I enjoy reading about your projects and your process. I'm so happy to have found you in the online quilting community.

  11. I really like what you did with your Americana Row. I've been watching on DOD, but thought I'd leave a comment here this time. The Snooty Sisters made me smile. So did seeing your scrap piles on the floor. I'm so happy to know someone else is also overflowing with scraps!


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