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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Finish Along - Quarter 4 Goal Post

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

It's that time - if you're participating, don't forget to make a Fourth Quarter "goal" sheet. The 2015 quarterly Finish-Along is hosted by Adrianne over at "On the Windy Side."

Quarter 3 went great for me in terms of finishes. I can only share half of them with you, though. A month from now you'll get all kinds of finish reports - like 7 to 9 of them!  ;D

Here's what I can post right now.  I got all three of these "Sea Breeze" UFOs finished:

And another UFO slipped into the finishes unexpectedly when I quilted up Kelly's "Be Attitudes" top for her nephew's wedding gift. 

Then there was the stash-limited baby quilt for Catey's little guy. (Oh, but it wasn't on my goal post, so it's not an actual Finish-Along entry):

But the star finish of the quarter was Kyle's Marine Corps quilt:

Now for this quarter's attention:

1. Devon & Kyle SID work in progress  :D
This one gets top priority. Time to "pin down" the design of quilting for the outer area and get the top marked for the intense heirloom quilting it will get!! I do doubt that this will be a Q4 finish, but just in case. . . it's here on the list. More likely, you'll see it finished in 2016's first quarter. It's very intense work, and I want my best in it. Means I have to take mental breaks periodically from its needs.

Here's how I work, by the way: Mon-Fri, my quilting time is devoted to the priority finish (and right now, a certain deadline batch of work.) On Saturdays, any quilting work tends to be just whatever the heck floats my boat - which is where UFOs and other choices from below come in. Sundays, I work on scheduled BOMs. Unless, like that last week in Sept, I let the Saturday work hijack Sunday as well. Weekends often get little to no quilting, though, as I love doing things with my family.j[

These Henry Glass pieces are on deadline for October. Right now they are flimsies:

2. Secret Kitty Titty Power - this is a flimsy right now Finished
3. Secret Kitty Shuffle - this is all cut out Finished
4. Secret Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty- this is a flimsy right now Finished
5. Secret Selvages Minis Finished


6, 7, 8. Sea Breeze minis - The last three flimsies from this series need finishing to round out the full set! I enjoy the trapunto work on them.

"The Nerdles" Finished

"Tootsie and Rumples" and "The Doodles"

And I really think I might get finished this quarter with Kelly's old BOM that I'm quilting for her: 

"Strolling the Block" Finished

Other UFOs that could stand to be zapped off the list this quarter:

Mermaid Fantasy

Marissa's Frog Quilt, which I don't have any photos for. It needs the last border attached and to be quilted.

And this one that the whole family had helped piece, originally meant to be a comfort quilt for Kelly when she was admitted to the hospital (but she didn't survive). After 5+ years, it may just be the perfect top to become a comfort quilt for a good friend going through a very scary time:


**Community Service Quilt**

This one is a full flimsy now, and should be finished by end of November:

I would LOVE to get these season-appropriate tops quilted:

Sew Spooky: SID work finished, needs FMQ

Plums in November
This is going to get silk batting.  :)

Salt Box Harvest

Once Upon a Star

Holiday Tidings

Holly Jolly Snowman

As well as these non-seasonal personal favorites - 


Quiet Rebellion on the Pond


Rainbow Jane:

and even these two if I find money for sending them out:

Daisy, Daisy

Starry-Eyed Over Grand Illusion

That's a crazy insane list, and obviously they won't all be finished this quarter! I'm expecting no less than 4 finishes, hoping for 7 or 8.  But the whole object of these Finish-Along quarter's intentions quilt is to greatly over-list upcoming work so that suprises can count for the drawings at the end-of-quarter linky.

Plus, I just like seeing the fantastic variety of projects I get to play with!!


  1. Meine Güte ein Quilt schöner als der andere.
    Umwerfend schön!
    LG lykka

  2. Crazy insane list is right! Pick three and if you do four, that would be fantastic! All of them are wonderful projects. Lyn, you sure know how to pick them.

  3. wow, and I thought I had a pile of UFO's! These are gorgeous and with such individual style!


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