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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Don't bother reading - Just a personal post to compare at this time next year :)

If you look in on my blog with any regularity, you know I use it to organize work on my monumental accumulation of UFOs and untouched projects. And I keep track of everything new that I start. I don't want anything to get forgotten under a bed or in closet corners ever again. It may get misplaced in the storage room I have now, but I'll know it's there and needs attention some day!

[Edit]  Oh, goodness! People are reading this - I should know better, I'm that way myself if I see "don't do such-and-such."  So let me put this post in better context. These are the lists that live on my "Horizons" tab, but they constantly change. I just shared the philosophy I have about them with Clare, so I'll paste it in here:    The method I use for my madness can drive some people insane, because it stresses them to see everything right there in print. I suspect that's because it's difficult for some people to operate on the concept of a fluid list meant for ongoing long term forward movement rather than a finite time zone of completion. I made these lists for organization, not for "Finish these immediately! (or even this quarter or year)". I set rotating short-term goals to organize my work time each week, and those are instrumental in keeping my mojo flowing while making forward movement on these lists here. So I consult these about once a month, update them with new stages of work or mark-thru's - but I don't let them rule my quilting life entirely nor stress me out.  :D

After 4 years of attacking 49 actual UFOs and over 100 NETYs [these were an accumulation over 25 years, and about a dozen of the UFOs were my cousin's WIPs that I adopted when she died], here is where I stand. Several months were lost in 2012 due to a cross-country move and living in a rental apartment while selling the old house and finding a new home, and 2014 quilting was seriously slowed down while I finished my thesis and Master's degree. I'm hoping 2015 lets me make huge strides forward like 2013 did.  

The state of affairs at this moment:  (Partial cross-throughs indicate finished to flimsy status)

Primary UFO Firing Range

  • 19 and counting down! [start point: 49 in Jan '11]
  • Kelly's Strolling the Block (quilting it now)
  • Mermaid Fantasy for Heather (apply trapunto)
  • BBQ w/ the Squadron (needs quilting)
  • Sea Breeze 1-9(stitch,FMQ, frame #1)
  • Listen With Your Eyes (paper piece)
  • Quiet Rebellion on the Pond (quilting)
  • Frog Lily for Marissa(border)
  • Hunter's Star Class Piece (piecing)
  • Beachwalk (thread painting)
  • Hunter's Star the Way I Wanted (piecing)
  • 2010 Christmas Exchange (assemble)
  • That Cool 2009 Christmas Exchange Quilt (make the drunkard's path blocks)
  • Medieval Illumination Coat of Arms (applique)
  • Once Upon a Star(thread painting)
  • Be Attitudes (quilting)
  • Stepping Stones (paper piece)
  • Quilt for a Cause: Legacy (assemble patches)
  • Scott and Lynette, Still (applique)
  • Poor Forgotten Orphan from ~ 1995 (unsandwich)

Those Who Were Rescued and Are Living Full Lives:
(finished quilts that were long-term UFOs)  ~ During this time, I also finished 37 new projects that I allowed myself to indulge in. So I don't restrict myself only to old work!

1. Ode to Mr. Singleton
2. Kelly & Kerry’s Yuckies
3. Kelly’s for Kelson
4. Wagon Wheels West for Dad
5-7. Bama Bound quilts
8. Wheelchair quilt
8. Katie Loves Chris
10. Around the World with Mr. Hernandez – his
11. Around the World with Mr. Hernandez – Heather’s
12. Sailing with the Flying Needles
13. 13 Gags at 11
14. What a Hoot, Devon!
15. Lori’s Irish Butterflies
16. Marissa’s Moment – pillow sham
17. Patriots in Petticoats
18. Unicorn Dreams
19. Wagon Wheels West - mine
20. Synergistic Windmills (Heather's)
21. Marissa's Moment of Caprice
22. Wheelchair Quilt 3
23. Wild Rose Cottage
24. Dragonfly Party 1
25. Dragonfly Party 2
26. Devon's Earth Monkeys
27. Piñata Pizzazz
28. Kelly's 1930's
29. Kelly's Joseph Smith Quilt 1
30. Kelly's Joseph Smith Quilt 2

2012 NEWFO'S - 4 out of 13 still WIPs
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)    **(Completely from stash)
 *Let's Build a Snowman Dec 2012, needs blanket stitches
 *Laurel Burch Ornaments Dec 2012 & Dec 2014.
**Scoot,Santa! 1 11/2012.
**Scoot, Santa! 2 11/2012.
 *Kashmir Aug 2012, kitted
 *Affairs of the Heart Aug 2012, flimsy
**Hawaiian Etude 7/12-2/13.
 *Coral Encounter Feb 2012, flimsy
   Amaretto Cottage 1/12-3/13.
   Heather's Hearts 1-11 2012.
   Marissa's Hearts 1-11 2012.
   Devon's Hearts 1-3 2012.
   Snowy Day in the Woods 12/11-1/12.

2013 NEWFOs -  14 out of 24 still WIPs
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)
         original plans at this post,

 *Martha's Holiday Spin   Dec 2013 - some blocks sewn
 *Holiday Tidings Dec 2013 - flimsy
   Modernology  Dec 2013 - flimsy
 *Plums in November   Nov 2013 -  flimsy
 *Jovial Trees   Oct 2013 -  flimsy (Quilting it now)
 *Climbing Lanterns   Sep 2013 - top sewn, ready for 3D lanterns
   Top Secret: Heather-Bear's Graduation   Sep 2013-May 2014. 
   Circle Dance   Aug 2013, some blocks sewn
   25th, Baby!  Aug 2013 - Oct 2014.
 **Flight Commander   Aug-Sep 2013.
 *Setting Sail   July 2013 - central area finished, needs borders
 *Tuscany Terrace   June 2013 - kitted
 *Chubby Chicks  June 2013 - chicks fused 
  Whoooo's Your Mama?  June 2013 - Flimsy
 *Daisy, Daisy  May 2013 - Flimsy
   Marissa's Restore Innocence Project  Apr 2013.
**Hello, Moon!  Apr 2013 - Flimsy
 *It's a Hoot!  Apr 2013 - Flimsy
**Owl & Pussycat Book Tote  Apr 2013.
 *You Must Be Croaking  Mar 2013 - Frogs pieced
**Baby English 1.0   Feb-Apr 2013.
**5 Valentines  Jan-Feb 2013.
**Run, Kitty, Run!   Jan-Jul 2013.
**Hounds' Blues   Jan 2013.

2014 NEWFOs - 20 out of 23 still WIPs
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)   ***(Commission)
             original plans at this post

  **"I Stole the Baby!!" Dec 2014.
  **Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery Nov - active mystery
     Sew Spooky Oct  - Flimsy
    Wind in the Whiskers Oct  - current BOM rotation
  **Lily & Blake baby set Oct-Nov 2014.
     Leaded Glass Oct - kitted
   *Garden Friends Oct - current BOM rotation
   *Saltbox Harvest Oct - Flimsy
    T.S. Sep - stealth mode active
     Fireflies In the Meadow Aug - Flimsy
***Lori & Aliya Jul  - Flimsy
     American Picnic Jun - kitted
     Fiesta Mexico Apr - long term hand-work tote project, first block
    Asian Garden Apr - big areas need joining
 **Baby Claridge  Mar-May 2014.
    Boomerang Mar - piecing - needs side strips
   *Sunshine Mar - kitted
     Anna's Mountains  Mar - washed/ironed
   *Simply Fun Feb - kitted
   *Raspberry Lemonade Feb - needs borders
    Bohemia Jan - Flimsy
  *Faceted Jewels Jan - kitted
    String of Pearls Jan - Flimsy

2015 NEWFOs - 
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)   ***(Commission)

    Fancy Me a Rainbow [Fabric was a Christmas gift]  - Jan 


  1. I rather like the way you at least make a list of your UFO's etc and can actually see your progress, even as you show, if it just to flimsy stage. Maybe I should write mine down too instead of having them stuffed in a cupboard. You did so well last year with all that happened. Congratulations.

  2. As soon as I saw "don't bother to read" I had to read, LOL. It's a good way of keeping track, my blog has answered questions about timing for me quite a few times.

  3. I'm familiar with the term UFO but you have me curious as to what a NETY is???

  4. I had to go through your flimsy tops to see Rainbow Jane finished as she was no longer on the side bar. One of these years I hope to be as organized as you!

  5. NETY - wha??? Then I did a search on your blog and see it is Never-Even-Touched-Yet kits. I have some of those - now I know what to call them. So if I open them and read the directions and maybe make a few cuts, do I then get to call them a WIP? LOL - I have enough already. Impressive lists - you may actually have more than I.


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