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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Family Fun

We've been enjoying some serious down time with each other for our Christmas holiday. No quilting work has happened at all since the 23rd. Most everybody went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at the Air Force Academy chapel (Heather had to work, and I was too head-cold sick to go).

That night I set my alarm for 2:30, but when I came downstairs, I found that Devon and Kyle had beat us to the Santa Clausing!  

They had draped several of our Christmas blankets and quilts on the sofas with snowball garlands, and even on the coffee table. . . 

And the onsies hung all around the room!! lol!! I don't know where they found onesies with feet that were tall enough for this family!

The stockings were already too stuffed to fit in the bits we'd picked up to add in! (Those two were having such fun planning their Christmas spending that I let them take the cash I would have used so they could also do the shopping for stocking goodies.)

I actually chuckled at the Kleenex left out for Second-Santa.

They had even cleaned the kitchen all up!

Scott and I added the last bits to the pile, and Navarre couldn't figure out if he thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a mini mountain in front of his tree, or if it ticked him off to have the front dive-in entrance blocked by it.  lol!!

Those onesies were a blast on Christmas morning, and each of the stockings had a furry snowball for a family snowball fight thus attired! This is the funnest bunch of "kids".  :D

Mr. Bear Cheeks - 

Navarre managed to last through the entire unwrapping event, albeit with a mighty glazed look on his face by the end of it - he gets overloaded with input sometimes when things are running out of the ordinary.  

But Isabeau preferred staying up above all the chaos to enjoy the scene.

These are some of my favorite images from the day:

Heather vamping that onesie up:

Kyle watching Pokemon while working on a tiny sculpture - 

Devon has always been my all-or-nothing baby - 

And it's fun to watch the two of them having fun together -

Marissa was adorable diving into her speakers jackpot

And those GINORMOUS Peppermint Patties -

How sweet can you get?

My Quilt Parlor was once again transformed into an actual dining room.

Gotta love Pinterest finds!

And I definitely LOVE my family. What a treat to have everybody living here right now!

I hope you're all having a great holiday time, whether it's quiet and relaxing, full of family fun, or bringing you travel adventures~!  I am back to more game-playing - that table hasn't been put back up on its risers just yet.  ;D


  1. Love the onsies! What great kids and even with a head cold it looks like you had a fantastic day.

  2. I can sense all the fun and games you had as a family - and how wonderful to have everyone home to celebrate together!

  3. Isn't it wonderful that all it really takes is family together to make it so wonderful? You must have had so much fun, sorry about the cold. The onesies were a great touch :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your Christmas family fun with us! It looks like EVERYONE gets in the spirit of things!

  5. It looks like you all have a great time!!! Have a wonderful and Happy New Year.

  6. Lyn, what a wonderful and fun bunch you all are! Happy Days! Thanks for the peek at your Christmas!

  7. It looks like a delightful, wonderful family time! I'm so, so happy that you had this opportunity to be together. It's what Christmas is all about. Bless you all.


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