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Monday, November 3, 2014

BOMs Away Monday - Halloween Edition

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Hey, everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was quite satisfactory, thanks to my quilting hobby! We've had some academic drama, and one of the teens had to spend many MANY hours over the weekend doing make-up assignments, so I couldn't go anywhere due to supervision needs. 

Not a prob! BillieBee so very graciously gifted me with the "Sew Spooky" pattern a couple of weeks ago, and I gave in and ordered a few Halloween fabrics.  Thanks so much again, Billie!

Combine that with the fact that my thesis was turned in to my defense committee on Thursday, and I spent the entire weekend playing with that BOM pattern! What a treat, really, this "chore" weekend turned out to be for me. 

I spent Friday, around Mom duties, washing/ironing the fabrics I'd ordered and pulling things from my stash to mix and match with those. I also traced out all the fusibles I would need for the applique pieces.

Took a break in the afternoon to help Heather finish cutting and stuffing peppers that she made for her work pot luck - and graciously left the messiest ones home for us to eat. DELICIOUS! And CUTE!

She made her Jade costume completely from scratch, fashioning the pattern and everything. Even made the gloves!  And Marissa sure had that Wednesday glare down pat.  :D

Once all the teens/young adults were off and away for their various Halloween parties, I threw on my old witch costume and cut out all the pieces while I tended the door for Trick-or-Treaters. Scott came home during that time and caught a moment with Navarre, who coudn't figure out if he was more fascinated with my hat's feathers, or the fabrics I was moving around, or the kids who showed up at the door.

This pattern comes from the same company as my "Heart & Home" and "Garden Friends" BOMs. I do love piecing each panel - they're just like putting puzzles together!

I worked ALL day Saturday and quite a good bit of Sunday on this quilt - and the progress was great. [Too bad she had sooo much homework to catch up on!!] Most all of the work on the center panels is finished (just bits of the sashing and borders are laid out with them here) - I only have to do the blanket stitching on about 2/3 of the black fused pieces, and then I can put the center together. There will be some embroidery to throw on here and there before I put the borders on, as well.

Speaking of which, none of the border bats or cornerstones are stitched yet, but aren't these owls just too cute?

I love my sparkly ghosts - hooray for super finds in the stash scrap bin! I stitched them with gold metallic thread - look super cool in life.

I wish my orange sashing fabric wasn't quite so bright, but there you are. It'll be cheery on the wall next year. But I'm definitely changing out the gray fabric that I'd cut for the candy corn background. I really loved the idea of that swirly text print being in there, but it's just overwhelmingly dark in the general context of the quilt's center. Gonna go stash diving one more time, and if I can't find something better, I should be able to squeeze enough out of the gray web print that some of the bats were put on.

And one last Halloween share - fiber artist/teacher Liz Kettle lives next door, and her son is every bit as much a crafter as we are. Only, he specializes in chain-mail artistry. Look at this beautiful shirt he made~! I caught him outside a few days ago breaking into it so he could use it in an hours-long weekend event. Just amazing, really! I wish I'd taken a close-up shot of how expertly the links are webbed. Now I just need to catch him in full gear. . .

So, how was your week? Did you get to work on any of your BOMs?


  1. Oh, I do love your new Halloween quilt. I looks like you really had fun last weekend. Of course I know you must have been relieved(?) that you had turned in your thesis. Next step = defending it but you will do fine.

  2. I can't believe that you have almost finished the quilt. Giggle...I worked on that for months. God did not give me the gift of speed. It looks wonderful. So glad you are enjoying yourself. :) :)

  3. Congratulations on getting your thesis paper in to the committee!! And good luck defending it. Such a huge accomoplishment!! Am just loving your Halloweenie quilt.

  4. You and your's certainly do get in the spirit of Halloween! Great costumes! You are so creative with this type of quilting! Kudos!


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