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Monday, November 24, 2014

BOMs Away - Garden Friends & Nyan Cat

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately. 
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

Happy Monday! This week for BOM work, I attacked the applique work on my "Garden Friends" set. The three blocks I pieced last month now look like this, along with the two all-applique blocks. (nothing is stitched down yet)

instead of last month's point:

The B&B block still gets butterflies, but the wings weren't ready to be attached yet. 

They are 3D, but instead of just fabric flaps, I wanted to make them with batting and quilting. I layered the fabric right-sides-together on top of some batting scrap and sewed on the traced line. 

When I cut them out, first I cut the batting as close as possible to the stitches, then the fabric about 3/16 out, with notches cutting to the stitches at the inside angles. 

Flipped them right side out, zig-zagged the body edges shut and flatter, and then quilted them.

I drew lines with the blue water soluble pen, so when I finished making them, they were all damp from being spritzed to erase the marks. They have to be dry to fuse the bodies over them onto the block. That'll be a bit tricky, too, because I used a metallic ribbon thread that will melt if I iron it. I'll have to fussy-fuse them with my tiny Clover craft iron, at least enough to let me be able to blanket stitch the body without losing the wings.  :)

Isabeau loves the box I use for this project SO MUCH - I don't know how she knows it's this box and not another, but she comes running from whatever part of the house to claim it whenever I get it out of the cupboard. Funny girl!

And I have to share: One of Navarre's favorite positions is his "Nyan Cat" pose. Cracks me up the way it looks like he's flying across the sky - and he not only lets us make "poptarts" on him, but he leaves them there quite contentedly. Not sure how he's channeling a cat character he's never seen. . .   ;D

(P.S. - Wow! 6 people and 3 cats can destroy the hallway carpeting in no time flat. It is once again vacuumed nice and clean.)


So, hey! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Week if you're here in the U.S., and let us know if you've done any BOM work lately! 


  1. You are so clever to make those butterflies that way! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.....including those little kitties!

  2. Your "Garden Friends" quilt is going to be so gorgeous. I love the neutral tones you selected and your workmanship is excellent.

  3. Lynette the Garden Friends blocks are so pretty - and those butterfly wings came out wonderfully. Love the sweet little feline friends too. Thanks for sharing -- no BOM's to share at all - but nice of you to host a linky party.

  4. Such a pretty BOM you are starting...and your wonderful cats supporting you along the way!

  5. Isabeau knows how gorgeous she makes that box by just sitting in it, the box thanks her, LOL. I think you need to place those beautiful wings on (or above) Navarre when he's in that flying position, it will make a purrfect picture.

  6. Hahaha - I had to look up what this was with "Nyan Cat" and a Pop Tart, but oh my gosh Lynn that is funny! Your cats are adorable and sweet! You are so versatile in your quilting talents, it's always great to see what you have been working on. The birdhouse blocks are just fantastic!


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