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Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Goal Post

Here are my February goals for UFO-busting. Top Three Lineup:

Charity Quilt 3 A perfect flimsy to try out some FMQ feathers. Been a flimsy since 2011 because it got lost in the stash - found during unpacking. (It's a wheel chair lap quilt.) I want to structure some community sewing such as this into each month. I miss the sessions I did with my Florida guild periodically. 

Amaretto Cottage - Just got home from its trip to Maine where it was stunningly quilted by Margaret Gunn!!  This baby MONSTER is getting bound!  It's ginormous at 112" x 112" (before quilting), so once I get the binding attached, who knows how many evening show sessions it's going to take to stitch down. The flimsy was made a year ago. The UFO status came from the complicated move, not from the quilter!

Hawaiian Etude Surely this will see its last hand quilting stitches this month.  :)  This has been shoved back into the UFO pile several times when bindings out-ranked it. Been in the works since July, which is really a shame considering how pretty it is and its small size at something like 15 inches.  Hawaiian quilting is intense, though - echoes and echoes and echoes. . . 

I do also have a special gift quilt in progress. Hoping to have it quilted and gifted by month's end. 

And I have a quilt-retreat weekend later in the month that I'm dedicating to catching up my Rainbow Jane. Hopefully this chart will be 3/4 filled by March 1.

Last month was a great one for quilting, as I I took a break from grad school for an apparently much-needed sanity breather in the face of many family challenges. (Plus I couldn't pay for this semester after covering the girls' term fees. . . )  

These were my finishes - 2 UFOs and a gift. Click on the images for their finish stories.

Now I have to get back to the reality grindstone, though. Research for my thesis needs doing and there's a professional conference presentation to do in 5 weeks (my first ever - terrified!!) So I'm hoping I can get my February goals accomplished. Not sure if they were over-ambitious. . . 

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  1. You had some great finishes! And lots of great projects to play with this month :*)

  2. Amaretto Cottage is simply stunning... and that is a LOT of binding to sew!

  3. That Amaretto Cottage is to die for!! Love the colors and the quilting is divine!

  4. Oh, my goodness. I just love looking at your cottage quilt. Each block and the quilting are marvelous. Good luck with your goals and with school.

  5. WOW! That Amaretto Cottage quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I'm stunned at the work that was put into it!! What are you getting your degree in?

  6. Wow! That Amaretto Cottage Quilt is Amazing! I can understand why you want to get it bound - it would take me forever on something that big!

  7. I think it took me almost eight hours to bind my monster 110x120 quilt! So I hope you have a couple good movies picked out. ;) I can't get over that quilting - it's amazing!!

  8. beautiful work and very busy! And grad school and family too! I'm wondering what a flimsy is, btw. I admire Hawaiian quilting - yours is lovely~ You remind me I need to do some philanthropy work as well!

  9. Lots of goals! Good luck with the giant binding- I always hate that part- but it's such a beautiful quilt, having it finished will be wonderful!

  10. Good luck on all your goals!! I love the MONSTER (LOL) quilt. It is fabulous.

  11. Amaretto cottage is fabulous. Good luck with all your Feb. goals.


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