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Sunday, September 23, 2012

BOMs Away Monday - 24 Sep 2012


Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!

(We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.)

*Still* no sewing, but this stuff ^ is almost caught up to a point that doesn't stress me out insanely. It's taken a real beating with the move.  Just finishing Reform/Reformation during Henry VIII, Edward IV, and Mary. Going on to Reformation Mary & Elizabeth. Interesting enough stuff, but I'm ready for (Dear) Jane again!


So how 'bout you? Did you get any work done on your BOMs or interval projects? Link up here and show it off!


Judee said...

Just yesterday I asked our adult son if he missed school (he graduated last year) and he said yes. Enjoy it.

Carrie P. said...

that does not sound like fun at all. lol

Linda said...

Your coursework sounds tedious! I can imagine that Dear Jane would be a refreshing treat after that! Hope you get an A+ so you can have guilt-free sewing time someday soon.

Denise :) said...

Anything that makes you ready for Dear Jane is a good thing, right? :)

Marit said...

And we're ready to see some more Dear Jane blocks:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..