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Sunday, August 12, 2012

BOMs AWAY - 12 Aug 2012 - Dragonflies, a laugh, and a tip or two


Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!

(We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.)

Hi there! Well, I got the second Dragonfly Party BOM all assembled! Pretty exciting. 

Just have to put the backs together and they'll be ready to fly off to the longarmers'. (They're wait-listed, so don't hold your breath.)

Didn't have time to take fancier pictures, because the family wanted to head out the door to go hike up the Helen Hunt Falls trail. Lots of families out there today, as it was gorgeous weather.

Scott and I on the lower portion

Love this shot of Heather

Devon, Scott, Me, and Heather
- just missing Marissa, who's already away at school

But back to quilting.  ;D   

Have you seen this cartoon? It really made me laugh. My poor hubby can understand the sentiment.

And. . . a couple of tips!

#1 - When your flimsies are awaiting quilting time, the best storage is on a pants hanger in your closet instead of stuffed in a box. Very convenient, and you even see them once in a while so they're not completely out of mind.

#2 - For sewing insanely tiny sashings, like the Dragonfly Party's 1/4" sashes, I found ample pinning to be essential at keeping things lined up. The slightest wobbles show terribly when the sewing lines are so close together. When you're on the second sash seam, pin parallel rather than perpendicular. Does a much better job, and you can use each pin as a tiny Purple Thang, dragging it out and along as you SLOWLY sew the seam. Lots of pins and little speed are the two crucial keys to getting a super skinny sashing or border to come out looking fabulous instead of nightmarish.

Now that the Dragonflies are squared away and Jane is all caught up, this week's BOM work will focus on my barely-started "Affairs of the Heart" project. 

The Month 1 blocks

Which will one day grow up to look like this:


So how 'bout you? Did you get any work done on your BOMs or interval projects lately? Link up here and show it off!


  1. Love that comic! I like your tip about pinning. When I first learned to sew a friend told me to use one perpendicular and one parallel I'd I needed a lot of accuracy. Then she sai dust pin diagonal if I want to hurry, which is what I usually do;)

  2. That comic is hilarious! I am terrified of teeny tiny sashing. Your advice seems like it would really help though!

  3. I put your button on my blog.

  4. Some great tips...and congrats on getting the two flimsies done! Affairs of the Heart--I have that book and want to do it some day. Hmmm....I've got too much going on right now, but maybe next year.

  5. I love your flimseys, the blocks looked like a challenge to make up, great tips too, I hang up my quilts the same way when I am Quilting them. I'm looking forward to seeing your next projects.

  6. These are beautiful quilts. Love the colors in both.

  7. Hahahah....love the joke, but not more than your lovely quilt. Wow.

    Looks you have been having lots of fun! Good for you.

  8. Oh, I am always amazed at the detail in your work... You must be a very patient lady! Looks like you had a great day hiking:)

  9. Lynnette,

    You always do such gorgeous work! Love the yellow/purple in that quilt.

    Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to hear from you. I hope you have had a good summer.

  10. Oh my goodness - Affairs of the Heart - I have that one at the top of my list! Too many beautiful appliques


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