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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Figuring This Out. . .

So. . . I've been stitching along as I can around schoolwork and Mom stuff - Just haven't been posting because I'm new at this blogging thing. So much inspiration to be found in the Web world! Will post my year's progress in a bit.

For now, I scoured my memory for the years on my Lifetime Finishes list, and got my Truly Insane list of active UFO's composed, roughly in order of priority.

There are many reasons that list is so long, among them:
  • 1o. Unhappy with the way the project' design was turning out or Decided I hate the colors and boxed it up until some unknown time.
  • 9. Found some Poor Forgotten Orphans from years ago in an obscure closet!
  • 8. Mother-Daughter projects that can only progress when they are here.
  • 7. Uncertain how I want the quilting done.
  • 6.Waiting for my quilt's turn at Patty's long-arm studio.
  • 5. Broken heart from the death of someone very close.
  • 4. Adopted projects for deceased cousin.
  • 3. Unorganized work area with inadequate station needs
  • 2. Lack of skill for the next step, giving in to INTIMIDATION. (no more! OO-Rah!)
and the number 1 reason:
  • Quilt ADD. Yep, I freely admit it. I cannot stand to stick with one project at a time, nor (until now) have I had good discipline in saying "No" to accepting a new project that calls to me.
It just takes so stinkin' long to finish the big, heirloom-quality quilts I gravitate toward, that I get sick of looking at the same colors and techniques. So I work in a circular fashion - tending to stick with a given project to the next good stopping point and then putting it back in its bin/box and moving to another. The fun part of that, though, is that now there are a LOT of projects in the final stages, so I'm at a point where I'll have finish after finish of these treasures!

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