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Other than my family, the passion of my life is quilting. An eclectic, I love a wide variety of styles and techniques encompassing both machine and hand work. Instagram: lyncc_quilts

Organized Chaos

I am a complex person who thrives creatively and produces most effectively when I can shift among several quilt projects at a time.
My tastes are widely eclectic, but tend toward intricate and time-heavy works that swamp you in boredom if you try to work only on one at a time until a finish.

This page is my personal organization page. It provides a map that lets me work on current projects, keep UFOs in mind, and pull in the NETY sets that I have on a regular basis. With this system, I am not bogged down with boredom, nor frozen with an overwhelming goal (to finish all those kits I collected over the decades my children were growing, but also enjoy current interests).

Some people would be frozen by these lists. I do not use them as TO-DO lists that I have to check off in a given period of time, so there's no stress to me. They are simply organizers, from which I draw a UFO list each year to check off from, and look for guidance to each time I am ready to pull a "new" project into the BOM lineup or the Priority Quilt field.

My quilting work is generally organized into priority work Mon-Fri, with "putz-around" options for when I wake too early to use the longarm (it wakes people where it is). After dinner, Scott and I like to relax with a TV show together, and that is hand stitching time for me. On the weekends, if we're not doing something else, I step away from the priority task and work on community service and/or whichever BOM is up that week. [For those of you who like to find out how other people tick.]  :)

1. Sterling's QOV (Sapphire Stars Mystery)
2. Bohemia
3. Nicole's Mountains

UFO Firing Range

0/18 in 2018 (+6 other quilts!)
Organizing post Here

(Work on These!)
  • Fancy Forest
  • Coral Encounter
  • Quiet Rebellion on the Pond
  • Hearts 
  • Devon's Quilt
  • Leaded Glass
  • Once Upon a Star
  • Mermaid Fantasy for Heather
  • Plums in November
  • Sew Spooky
  • Set Sail
  • Bohemia
  • Modernology
  • Dear Jane
  • Let's Build a Snowman
  • Kashmir
  • Wind in the Whiskers
  • Listen With Your Eyes

  • Placeholder stage - date

(Significantly Advanced)
  • Placeholder  date.

~*~*~ Additional Work

Scott requests these row quilts in this order:
  • Night Watch  stage - date
  • Raven's Throne  stage - date
  • Borealis Ridge  stage - date
  • Caribou Crossing  stage - date
  • Morning Stroll  stage - date
  • Moose Lake  stage - date
Longarm Customer Quilts
  • Karen's Topper modified commercial quilt to protect her main quilt - Jan 12

(Others Worked On/Finished)
  • Sapphire Stars Mystery, QOV for Sterling  needs binding  - Jan 19
  • Daisy Days Farmhouse 4-Patch  Flimsy  - Jan 4
  • Astrodellic   Kitted  - Jan 8
  • Wildlife Trio  Flimsy - Jan 13
  • Down the Rabbit Hole  Twist border added - Jan 14
  • Nicole's Mountains 1  Cut out - Jan 17
  • Nicole's Mountain Echo  Partially cut out - Jan 17

(NETYs Incorporated)
  • Winter Woodlands   (ca. 2010) kitted - Jan 20.
  • Primrose Paths   (Bought in 2009 on the big road trip to Utah for Katie's wedding) washed - Jan 19.

BOM Time

Down the Rabbit Hole
Wind in the Whiskers
Star Crazy
Seaside Town 
Beary Colorful at Dione's
Sue Garman's Nutcrackers              
                                             Esther Aliu's Queen's Garden

These are intended as very long term hand work projects for quiet moments in the evenings while I watch a show with Scott. They take so long to finish each block, I have the two for rotation against boredom.

My Fiesta Mexico                                        My Octopus Garden
Started April 2014, earnestly Feb 2017                                   Started May 2017
blog log                                                                                     blog log                                    

My Affairs of the Heart
Started May 2012, on hold June 2014 because I misplaced all these finished ones!

Link to "DENIZENS of the CREEPY ROOM" - Here there be dragons! Enter only if you dare. Don't blame me if you get stressed out.   :D

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