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Monday, January 14, 2019

BOMS Away - The Last Nutcracker

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Where we share what we're doing on a BOM-type project 
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
(Linky at the bottom.)

Oh my goodness, you guys! I'm sorry I forgot to post yesterday! And I even had BOM work to share. . . (go figure!!)

Here's my block 12 nutcracker, The Elf, from Sue Garman's Classic Nutcrackers pattern:

He's a little intimidating, isn't he? I wouldn't go sneaking into his gift factory! The funny thing is that something about the hair color and the cast of the eyebrows and jaw really calls to mind the expression one of our favorite Taekwondo instructors gets on his face when you royally mess up. More than one family member blurted that out. Ha! (I get it fairly often)

This is late, because I got distracted by the gorgeous 12-13" snowfall we had all day Friday/Saturday morning. 

Before our first shoveling spree

Before my second shoveling spree - 
(Yes, we still have the last of Christmas to put away!)
Lots of shoveling went on all weekend, around enjoying the doe herd that visited our bird feeders. 10 in all, four in this shot:

Part of the large doe herd that likes to visit our bird feeders
and berry bushes.

All that snow made the Springtime cheeriness of my Ruffled Roses really call out to me, so I got that loaded up at the longarm and started in on the stabilizing Saturday night. My car can't do our hill when it's snowed/iced up that much, and Scott had to work, anyway, so I went back and forth all day Sunday between the longarm and the fireplace wall. Totally forgot to put up this post!

Just this much left to stabilize on the 90" queen top. It's a slow process on medallion
type quilts, getting all the frameworks nice and squared up.
Looking forward to more easy-going work of finishing the outlining
and getting into the decorative free-motion "stuff." :)

I know our Australian friends are having a crazy heat wave, so hopefully sharing some of our weather pics can help cool you off, at least mentally! Hang in there!


How is your BOM work going right now?

Kate over at Katie Mae Quilts has joined me in hosting this meet-up, 
and linking up from either end puts you on the party at both sides.


  1. Cute nutcracker. That's a lot of deer in one spot. How nice.

  2. I have the patterns printed and waiting to make that quilt. It is such a beauty!

  3. Your work is absolutely amazing! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you work through your nutcrackers. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Gosh that nutcracker really is fierce looking! Not someone to meet in a dark alley. I seem to remember the quilt on your frame... looking forward to seeing this one quilted up!

  5. Once again, I'm amazed at your work. I'm enjoying our Colorado winter --- hope you are, too! Sally


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