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Sunday, September 10, 2017

BOMs Away - Blueberries and Sapphires, Olé!

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Where we share what we're doing on a BOM-type project 
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
(Linky at the bottom.)

Kevin is sneeeaky and sent us a bonus clue for his Sapphire Mystery!

I want to keep up with this one, so I left "Garden Friends" in the armoir and cut more of the scrap pile up to make these patches:

And while I was doing those, the In-Betweener action yielded a sheet that I could cut into 9 more Blueberry Crumb Cake blocks!

Oh! And I finished the inside portion of Block 6 for "Fiesta Mexico" this week! This is going to be a giant block. This part is already something like 14 inches square. 

Time now for the next block of "Octopus's Garden" at my evening hand-stitch station. I really love the slow-stitching work of hand applique, but it's very nice to be able to switch projects at good resting points so I have something fresh to look at for a while. :)


What's happening on your end? Have you done any BOM work recently?


Gretchen Weaver said...

I like your blues in the Sapphire quilt. I'm looking forward to see how he puts these together. Happy stitching this week!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Just saying Hey! Nothing to post...grin.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a wonderful array of projects you have on the go!! I;m looking forward to working on Kevin's bonus clue later this week.

Sandy said...

The "Fiesta Mexico" block is absolutely gorgeous! You do beautiful work.