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Sunday, March 22, 2015

BOMs Away - The Stalled Edition

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately. 
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

Have you guys done any work on BOMs this week? This made week 2 in a row for me of no progress in that arena. My day was filled with a little family fun and a lot of wedding planning/action-start-up. Part of that wedding action was actually some quilting, but not BOM work. I really need "Fireflies in the Meadow" off my FMQ station and my basting pins freed up. So I worked on that. 

These pics are actually from yesterday, when I was finishing the work with the glow-in-the-dark thread. I ***love*** this fabric collection! And I'm so happy with how the quilt has been turning out. The glow-in-the-dark thread is AWESOME, although it's almost as fussy as metallics to quilt with. The center and the border are both more-openly quilted, and after I put in the grass, I wasn't happy with the caving-in of the band between it and the ditched edge of the center. So I went around a second time making clover, mushrooms, and fern buds. Very fun, and looks terrific in the dark!

Today I got going on the outer foot of the border. It's just over half finished, so tomorrow I should be breaking the machine back down to put on the binding. And then I'll have to figure out what to use as a cover project for Top Secret  - oh! My "Garden Friends" BOM will work fine. It, too, needs applique stitching, so the machine will be in the right mode. 

Share with us if you got some work done on your BOMs!


  1. I love what I see far. Hope to see soon the finished quilt. May be you can take a picture in the darm!!!!!!

  2. Cute remedy with the mushroom and clover design. I have never tried the glow-in-the-dark thread. Good to know it is a little finicky to use in quilting.

  3. That little girl in the garden is so sweet, and what perfect fabric to quilt with glow in the dark thread. I used glow in the dark thread on a space and star quilt years ago, I love how it really glows in the dark. Have fun planning and making for the wedding, they're lovely special times!!

  4. That little girl with her firefly jar is too cute Lyn! Glow-in-the-dark thread?! - How Awesome and how perfect for this quilt! I didn't even know that there was such a thing.

  5. I'm learning this technique (patchwork) and here I found many inspiring and very beautiful works.
    I am already one portuguese follower.
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  6. Sure like knowing you liked working with glow-in-the-dark thread. I recently made a quilt with glow-in-the-dark fabric, and wish I'd used the thread too. You're being so diligent about FMQing. I need some of that diligence to rub off on me! Hope you are feeling well. (?)


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