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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP - Binding, Masking, and FMQ

I haven't done a WIP post in forever. How fun to have time for one again.  :D

I **finally** finished all the clean-up work on my king-size double wedding ring a couple of days ago! That part alone took exactly 62 hours, and I started the process early in August. So now I "just" have to get the binding stitched down for a long-awaited special finish. This is my top priority project.  I'm 5/38 finished, and I figure it'll take about 16 more more movies to get all the way around. . .

Those points with their double inner angles and skinny acute tips are BUGGERS to fiddle with! And the only way to secure them well enough for sewing up is with straight pins. Makes for porcupine work if you don't pay careful enough attention when you shift around.  heh!

I just love looking at the quilting on this - wow, am I happy with it! And to think that I did it all on a mere domestic table-top machine...

Two other projects get almost-daily focus. When my fingers are just too tired from fine hand stitching, I go down to the machines and work on the FMQ for Kelly's second Joseph Smith quilt. Some of the latest work includes the vases and vines in the bow-tie area:

The third official WIP has to be kept completely off my blog and I can only sneak in short work times when both of two people are gone from the house. I keep a masking project on hand, ready to "throw" under my needle like a leader-ender project so I can snip off the chaining work of the real project and hide it away quickly. 

I'm getting very tired of only working on reproduction stuff UFO/NETY stash. Also, while it's absolutely gorgeous, my DWR has been in front-and-center position for 14 months straight, so I set aside the Thanksgiving wallhanging I'd been using for my masking project and pulled out this perky, far more modern project. 

I love my Boomerang fabrics!! They're a fun hodge-podge of scraps from my bin, old pieces from my stash, and brand-new fat quarters from a shop in the Springs. I started working on these back in February for a NewFO, but put them away at the end of that month as this project was not a priority. But it's perfect for lifting my "I miss moderns blues".  

Now they just need a side strip of white before I start laying them out for assembly. I love scrappy quilts!

And what a fun pattern to work with. It's by Emily Herrick over at Crazy Old Ladies

This is my second go-'round with the pattern. I made a smaller version with it as a baby quilt from my stash early in the year. 

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  1. Your Double Wedding Ring quilt is so beautiful, love the quilting in the center of the rings! Looking forward to seeing it all finished but be careful with those pin!!

  2. Your DWR is beyond amazing !!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, you must be so pleased with your DWR quilt!! The quilting is amazing and I can just imagine how tricky that binding is to do but it looks wonderful!

  4. The wedding quilt takes my breath away...just stunning.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I have never seen a wedding-ring quilt I liked more. This is beyond stunning. (And you are beyond brave.) The mere thought of attempting something like this shuts my brain down. Freakin' amazing.

  6. The double wedding ring is gorgeous! Amazing what you did on a regular sewing machine, now I have no excuses, LOL.

  7. Wow - the quilting on your DWR is awesome - and the binding will be the crowning touch!!! Well worth it :)

    I remember seeing your baby quilt - I went over and bought the pattern right away :*) My granddaughter wants to make a Boomerang quilt, but it won't be nearly as pretty as yours - she's using 30's/40's.

  8. Lovely projects. Visiting from scraptastic tuesday

  9. Wow your quilting is amazing! Glad you have got back to the scrappy project and thanks so much for linking up with ScraptasticTuesday!

  10. 5/38ths,lol!
    You are an inspiration Lyn, what a beautiful quilt:-)

  11. WOWEE!! your anniversary quilt is amazing!!

  12. I cannot imagine how you quilt so beautifully on your domestic machine. Are you done with your PhD?

  13. What fabulous quilting you have done!! It is gorgeous. I can hardly wait for the reveal. Everyone of your projects is eye candy deluxe.

  14. Amazing work, the best of traditional and modern!

  15. I love the scrappy project! Your quilting on your double wedding ring is fantastic, that is a stunning project.


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